weekly photo challenge: extra, extra


sometimes are added extras, or sometimes serendipitatious extras that surprise even us. Those latter are my very favourites … and some annoy. Like Apple’s would-be freebie ‘benefit’ in iPhoto, an absolute annoyance that I have as yet found no way of turning off— a ‘face identifier’ that flags up half the faces and almost all—

a not-face

—of the not-faces. I have many hundreds of such ‘not faces’ splattered with mad rapturous abandonment all over everything from mushrooms and car tyres to leaves in autumn trees. I can only pop them off one at a time. Extras I can live without


that one day I’d post a snap of a banded Galloway cow. The white patch on one possibly saved the lives of The Spouse and my own self once—


—and the little guy is an unexpected extra, it being not the season for little guy cattle-cows here right now.



extra, here we have a cropped snippet from a shot I blogged once before. When photographing the steeple I was quite unaware of the wee blob—which the NZ UFO folks assure me is actually a bird. I’ve since blown it up huge; even using various effects and filters and stuffs I’ve never seen it as a bird myself …


is the lighting, exactly as taken. But—


—I cheated in as much as I aimed the automatic camera at the white surf (so exposing for the brights) then recomposed whilst holding the trigger down, for the above effect. Overdid it a bit, but the full sized images are better—a desired extra.


Not by choice, I came across this bumble on the ground and saw that she was working; I’d just set up for the shot—

a b, c?

—when she took off, mission accomplished. Aimed right at me she swerved and flew by, I felt the wind of passage. Spouse and I love bumbles and bees seem to have an affinity with me which I enjoy very much.


I recently challenged anyone to refute the thought that the future exists and cannot be changed. In that post I mentioned that I have a crystal ball, so here ’tis—

The future, some might say, rests on the past ...
The future, some might say, rests on the past …

—I apologise for the tilt on the shot—my beanbag under the camera wasn’t quite flat. And the old lamp although acceptably close to flat-bottomed, isn’t.

As for the little guy in the ball, he’s your extra … enjoy. (And for the Politically Correct, no cats were harmed in creating this post)(nor any ancient Roman potters).





4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: extra, extra

  1. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve tried to get those shots central, and the text aligned left. Using Firefox I’d say it just can’t be done. Sadly we have to go out right now or I’d spend the rest of my life trying …

    1. The UFO, I’d agree. Didn’t see a thing as I was taking that shot and nothing about my own enhancements/filters etc in Photoshop (and iPhoto) suggests bird. But I won’t argue with the experts …
      Here’s a link to an earlier post with some closer snaps in it—


      —and I’m open to suggestion if you do go there. Enjoy …

      If I were any better with Photoshop that cat wouldn’t have been quite so obvious, but my clouds (inside the ball) needed more work and we had to go out. ‘Twas ever thus.

      1. The UFO I saw was much more clearly defined. No mistaking it for a bird. LOL Unfortunately, those were the days before I carried a camera. Crystal balls are meant to be a little fuzzy. 🙂 –Curt

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