accident. In my blogging life I’ve actually hit ‘Follow’ on less than a single decem* of blogs … but just lately I’d noticed that blogs I do follow haven’t been flagging up, and blogs I don’t remember having ever ‘followed’ do sometimes flag up. Not good.

new life in old


I had a rabbit about in my ‘follows’ list and was (gasp~!) a bit surprised to find no less than 297 blogs listed as being followed my moi. Not good …


went through and blanket-deleted the lot. All of ’em. Except for the 5 (r) five in number that I thought I’d subscribed to. Perhaps I should have been more careful and may have blown away some who will be missed; but as time goes by I’ll hopefully happen over them again and think “Oops!” and set it right.


a ‘spam’ follower. It appears to my somewhat jaundiced eye that some people count followers much as others count scalps. Not good, it misses the point …


if I ‘follow’ you it’s because I damned well like what you have to say or show; and not for any other reason, including all possible variations on the theme “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours”.

Same, but different


this happy smiling face (below) illustrates one of the reasons I stay out of the bush (think jungle) during the Rut (mating season). The other reason is all the wild-eyed enthusiasts with guns. Thankfully the contented looking tree-head below was shot (by me) (camera) in a city park, in the not-rutting season, and from behind an electrified mesh fence. Ol’ Argie got to actually be old by judiciously applied timidity, note.

a deer little dear

The significance of the other snaps? Think ‘new life for old‘ and you can’t go far wrong. Now please excuse me, I have a ‘follow’ list to rebuild and lots of old friends to remake …


* A ‘decem‘ is my word for a decimal dozen. In these days of decimal everything there’s very much a vacancy in the Convenient-Quantity Department. Spouse noticed it first and drained all over me that the young berk in the shop serving (?) her had no idea what she meant when she asked for “half a dozen, please” …




  1. So of course a ‘decem’ is ten …

    (And for those who don’t know, the Saxons had digital calculators loooooong before they were reinvented in recent centuries) (but I’m damned if I know exactly how they worked).

  2. What’s the old saying? Six to one and a half of dozen to the other? 🙂 Also, I would note that the deer needs to have a discussion with his antler about direction. Great photo. –Curt

    1. As a ‘farmed’ animal in NZ he has to have a registration number and a file in an office somewhere—a bit like a number plate on a car.
      Deer especially, as they are considered vermin in NZ—the government here used to employ full-time professional deer shooters who got paid for every pair of ears they produced.
      Then some clever soul got the bright idea of farming them … but the bush (our word for woods, non-planted forests, jungles) is still swarming with happy hunters who every year manage to pop a few of each other off.
      Unless actually hunting, in our bush it’s a great idea to wear day-glow orange (and carry a blaring transistor radio) …

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