weekly photochallenge: extra extra


in the garden and on the roadside berms. We notice these when out walking with a song on our lips, a trill in the heart and a warble falling from sky. Gods are in their heavens and all is right with the world—until we have to name something. Bugger.


have names reaching back into Anglo Saxon antiquity and that’s just how it should be. (What’s the word they give to something that describes its subject? Eponymous, or similar? I’d look it up but sometimes it’s genuinely better to travel hopefully than to arrive.)

So our first snap is known fondly by the British as Cuckoo Spit—

cuckoos have passed ...

—although I can’t in all honesty say that we have any cuckoos in our neighbourhood. Or country, so far as I know … one of life’s little mysteries, I guess. Onwards—

a whatever ...

—to this blobby looking but not unattractive (and quite smell-free) goop I noticed along the side of the road when I stepped off to snap some apples. An unexpected wee extra, as it were, but I have no idea what it is called or even who invented it.


having crawled out of bed (shoved by a snuggling Spouse, truth be known—it being my turn to wet the tea (hers) and coffee (mine) before an early start. She wanders off to do her thing, I wandered into the park and whilst attempting to photograph some molten ice got this shot—

frosty gems of morning

—of Nature’s gems at their best. (And the first psychic who waxes lyrical about all the ‘orbs’ in the photo will get glared at, very severely.)


I had no idea until I mis-clicked and discovered by serendo  serenddip  accident that these snaps are actually active links that will take you to a larger version of the relevant shot. Enjoy~!






6 thoughts on “weekly photochallenge: extra extra

    1. I guess it may look a bit gross, but assuredly wasn’t. Some fungus I guess … I must admit I didn’t give it a poke though 🙂

    1. Thank you … it’s amazing what you can see when you get down to their level (getting back up again afterwards is sometimes fun, too).

    1. Thank you … memo to self — look up ‘bokeh’ …

      … done. Thank you for that, my education is further advanced. I (back in the heady days of film) snapped a cat relaxing in the middle of a daisy-filled lawn, and the serendipitatious bokeh made it appear as if in a spotlight of focus in a fuzzy world. Long since misplaced, I fear.

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