weekly photo challenge: contrasts


the state of being strikingly different, typically in juxtaposition

Wow, a whole lot of big words there but I think we get the drift. So, contrasts … the night with the day? Or the night with the light—and where do we get both, hmmm?

Moon-made light in darkness

Those of us who dwell in the southern hemisphere will recognise this as the moon, by night.

Those of us in the northern will possibly see it as somewhat upside-down(ish)—but hey, it even travels the wrong way across the sky, too.


I offer this snap snapped just the other night on a cold and frosty frosty evening when the local rugger heroes were recovering in their club house and the darkened field alongside their floodlit plain belonged to us possums—

Man-made light in darkness—and let me tell you, it took ages for all the digits and various appendages to warm up again once home afterwards. And all the sympathy I got from my beloved Spouse was words to the effect “Ya daft old bugger—serves you right!”  …  ’twas ever thus, we DOBs suffer for our art. So next, contrasting the seasons as seen from the Band Rotunda in Queens Park:

SummerOn a balmy summer day, birds tweeting (okay, bell-birds ringing, but you get the picture) and the pitter patter of little doggies doing their thing with Battle-maiden Southland damsel owners watching benignly from the sidelines. Contrast with the below—



—taken a few days ago. We haven’t had a real winter thus far, which before any dupe out there triumphantly screeches “Hah! That proves global warming~!” let me add that last season we never really had a summer either. Sure, the greenery turned green and the days were longer—but that was the long and the short of it.


Having met the Challenge (for now) I’m about to indulge a habit. A bad habit, but just as any smoker knows that he’s dying for a smoke … so I’m gasping for a potato chisp. Crip. (Bugger, I knew that being fluent in both English and American I’d goof one day) … I meant the English ‘crisps’ and/or the American ‘chips’ (Churchill had it in one).

I’ll finish this post and Spouse and I will curl up on the sofa with a Dvd and big bag of potato crunchies …


Nil Desperandum



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