Weekly photo challenge: Zigzag



the theme of zig zags.

As you may have noticed I love spending time in the park with my camera while The Spouse is doing her rounds of the bazaars and generally swinging uppercuts with other wildly lady enthusiastic shoppers. She wields a mean bag, I tell ya—no wonder Boudicca was regarded by the Romans as a bit antisocial (possibly a distant ancestress) …

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.07.51

So, you’re thinking; has ol’ Argie finally flipped? Where’s the zig-zag?

THIS APPARATUS is a kiddies’ climbing ball in the playground. But the balls instead of being spheroidal are sort of all flats with grippety bits. I’ve often wondered if a ball could be made of zigzags and what it would be like—now I think I know. (And one day when I have the park to myself I’m gonna try that thing out, it looks fun …)


question: if a zig zag has flats between the points—is it still technically a zigzag? Serendipity goes no further than coming upon a physical manifestation of the answer—

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.14.14

—and would that all questions solve so simply. Like, for example … what if trees had arms?

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.31.10Would they hold up banks?

Or would they simply loiter in parks, shooting themselves in the shadow one-handedly?

(If you think that was an easy shot to shoot—you try doing it right opposite The Kiosk when a high-school class is doing field work with cameras, tripods, and unsupervised ribald commentary on the techniques of the old goat apparently trying to mate with a tree. All in the best of humour and I found myself pondering the possibility of hijacking one of their tripods; I gave the thought away. (Loud they may have been but asleep they most definitely weren’t. Dammit …)


through the playground. A gorgeous mid-winter day after a crisp frost with hardly anyone in sight save a young mother and cute enfant that she was swinging. In another day and age I’d have risked a shot and probably won a few prizes, these days I wouldn’t dare—even carry a camera into some places and they’d be reaching for their lawyers.


a shot or several of one of the fountains. Either an astrological theme or pure fantasy and fairy, but still a big kid at heart I can enjoy too—

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.32.54

—but damned if I don’t just see that pretty lady as practising karate rather than fairyating. Zigzag? Oh, yes, there’s a chain of these images going up and down the pillar and their frames zigzag most acceptably. So I’m legal …


we stroll around the fern-features. Now be ye warned: I love creating mental confusion hence some of the following may not be what they appear. Oops, may not be all they appear—Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 19.35.59

—then again, all good clean fun so long as no-one runs with scissors or pointy objects. But on the topic of ferns and the subject of zigzag; if I may be so bold I’ll include Nature’s multiple redundancy in design:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 19.33.37

I thought at first that this was a young nikau palm but now I’ve looked it up am not so sure. Whatever, if you grab one of those green bits and investigate closely you’ll find that the same pattern is repeated over and over in every little ‘leaf’ on the twiggy bits, and every twiggy bit on the branch, and every branch on the tree.

Boring~! So …

ENOUGH OF THAT Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 18.36.28

It’s time for more visible zigzags. I don’t want WP after me for misleading advertising — hence the ziggies in this wee sculpture thing I found.

Those toothsome titbits look zaggy enough to keep me in the game for a little longer; make of it what you will. I would guess that the sculptor (artist? Artisan? Mechanic?) was tasked with

“We want an artistic interpretation in long skinny metals of a palm, preferably one that will make all who perceive it look upon our wonders and weep…”

(It’s been done before, but who would I be to ruin their day?).


a fair few other shots but sufficient unto the day is the fun thereof and I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I also discovered that I have God-like powers over the elements of Nature when I wandered out through the main gates into fountain territory. Two quite respectable fountains throwing water to the winds, and me with a camera burning holes in my pocket—what’s a man to do but try his luck?

So I tried. I don’t carry a tripod these days (I used to, great clunky thing) so I rely entirely on hand-held (and modern stabilisation) technology.

And a bean bag.

Bean bag has it all over everything else for portability, reliability, simplicity … and in a real emergency you get to eat the beans. The beans in my case are rice, but I get the picture.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 19.35.02HOWEVER no matter where I positioned myself the gods of the winds went supplementary to my angles—I was forever running around those blasted fountains simply trying to keep dry.

Then I noticed the pattern (he’s swift, your Argie) and it occurred to me that I was leading the changes in wind:  matter was responding to my will (the very definition of ‘magic’). I could cause the winds of heaven to change purely by shifting from one side of the fountain to the other (I wonder if there’d be a buck or two to be made from such a a talent?). Maybe not‚ the damned priests would have me exorcised or something (if I didn’t get rocked or otherwise stoned out of my tree).

BUT TO FINISH (for now)

This wee shot is just to show you I wasn’t kidding about those fountain frames being zigzagged. And they go right up …





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