Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


is quite a challenge, especially when there’s nowt in the ol’ ditty box and Mother Nature feels disinclined to acquiesce to the request (a favourite quote from Pirates of the Carribee, part the first—disregard if so desired).

YOU”LL SEE WHAT I mean when you get to the words below this starlings snap—

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 17.46.38

—I was out on a brisk walk. The birds were in a tree against the bright sky and all I saw was a pair of silhouettes. Wow, a freebie … I took a quick sight and a quick tele shot, delighted to see in the review period a blur of wings I hadn’t noticed in the viewfinder when lining up, a sparrow(?) had joined what I’d thought was two blackbirds.

It was only at home later that the computer translated millions of entrapped electrons and photons (or whatever else happens inside modern cameras) into stuff; that I saw not only had I scored starlings and a blurry thing, my branches and twigs were there in full colour too. Score One for the God Of Misplaced Optimism and so much for my blessed silhouette. But wait, the film is but a pup (so to speak) yet; onwards! Excelsior! To this—

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 17.51.39

—which as gloomy as it turned out still appeals to my mood today. But wait, here cometh the excuses:

1.  The actual shot was horrendously late-sun coloured. All over. Something to do with atmospherics or something …

2. … so using iPhoto I tweaked levels and colours and temperatures and things until it resembled reality at least a little. The above is the end result, read into it what you will.

BUT WAIT: buy now and you get extra—

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 17.50.59

—the other end of the shot above, considerably less twoken. Tweaked. Fiddled with. Whatever (and if that shot doesn’t depress you nothing ever will—you Pollyanna, you).


with the challenge, I yet have to produce a decent silhouette. Bummer. The Spouse takes one look whenever she seems me with a feral look in my eye and runs screaming from the room, or otherwise seizing whatever blunt object she can most easily reach. So she’s off my silhouette list.

But hist, what light through yonder window strikes … I take a hint here, I could always strike from ambush. Then again maybe not, she’s an excellent argument in defense of ‘psychic’ (at least where I’m concerned—I get away with nothing, absolutely nothing, I tell you).


When I was in the navy I took some excellent silhouettes, the classic ‘gun barrels against the sunset’ and ‘consort-ship(s) against the sunset’ and all that good cliché-at-sea stuff. How did they (the clichés) get to be clichés? By being good, that’s how, so there’s hope for me yet. All I have to do is copy genius. Easy-peasy.

And now to dig out some old albums and see what I can find … or when all else fails, get out there and shoot one. Why didn’t I think of that first?





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