WPC: Adventure

We’re off!

 On the Big Adventure~!!

… and Devil take the hindmost (or whatever it is that we dashing adventurers yell when we’re adventurating).

FOR MYSELF Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 17.23.41

just trying to photograph some of NZ’s native birds in springtime is all the adventure any nutcase could ever need, desire, want, or otherwise masochistically self-inflict.


until you’ve caught a fantail in flight on film or pixels. It’s painful enough trying to catch the little @#%$*&% … things … when they’re settled on a branch. The briefest possible instant of time might well be defined as the period occupied by a fantail settled on a branch. Almost as accurate would be the stasis between flits of courting tuis (strictly tui—but my own language has a plural, and as un-PC as it currently is in New Zealand I shall continue to use it). Chocolates nothing—with those guys it’s all flowers and the thrill of the chase.


the other day I was sneaking up on a dozing daffodil when I noticed a handbag, a small backpack, and what may have been a celephone all alone and unattended on a park bench. Not good.

So I shifted my flag further out and was ranging on a slumbering giant (magnolia) instead when a feminine voice cut through my concentration and blew my shot to hell. It was a blonde female of our species much younger than myself, blue eyes and one finger to her lips whilst beckoning me into the shrubbery with ‘come hither’ gestures from her free hand. (Adventure? It’s been a long time, I tell you …)


all possible variations of the theme “I’d love to, Toots, but I’m happily enspoused and really not that kind of fossil” she pointed at a dense pinkish mass of blossoms in a tree from whence came melodious chortles, squawks, birdsong, and racket.

I peeked.

Several tui birds—gun metal blue, iridescent with almost noticeable speckles and the (dead giveaway) tuft of white feathers at the throat.

At snapping tuis in the past, I have been very good, not. I winked her a silent ‘Thank you!’ and moved in for the kill click, camera armed and ready.

Approximately four hundred zillion frustrating attempts and possibly half a dozen usable shots later I retired from the fray. The lady was long gone, for which I was grateful. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof it says in the Good Book (or was it Shakespeare? Who cares—I like it) I carried on trying for macros of spring blooms while trying desperately not to hear what sounded like jubilant birdie ‘high-fives’ overhead.


was this one I culled from a previous attempt—I had to blow it up a bit to make him visible—

Tui, in leaves

—but you get the general idea. And to prove it wasn’t a fluke (it was. You just try getting them~!) here’s one from the Blonde’s indication—

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 16.50.22

AND here’s one more that (believe it or not) was repeated many many times—

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 16.49.37

—so my safari adventure (or otherwise Big Game Hunt) in the forbidding wilds of untamed Queens Park ended with one gibbering hunter and very few trophies.


Indeed, yes. More Challenge than adventure, and I’m sufficiently adventurous to return loaded for bear (freshly charged battery) next week.

If I get any decent (okay, half-pie usable) shots I’ll post ’em. Don’t wait up …





13 thoughts on “WPC: Adventure

  1. Those last two are particularly striking shots Argie, well done for persevering. I must confess, as much as I like the spontaneity of the kind of photography that I usually practise, when something is worth shooting, then I will hunker down and invest the time and energy. Much holding of breath, no flinching n’all that. You have to be flexible in your artistic pursuits, whatever they may be, in order to fully realise your potential. Also, it makes for something to do sometimes. Nothing like a bit of a challenge I say to fire up the brain cells, raise the heckles, and inspire something other than stalwart cynicism.
    Thank goodness for you Argie, you always make my day. No pressure though…

    Thanks also for the indirect hint at this week’s photo challenge theme. I seem to miss the Friday e-mails about it, so I always have to go on a scouting mission to find out. Most frustrating. I best get looking for a shot that speaks of ‘adventure’ then…

      1. Shooting birds, I have discovered, is immense fun. Especially when caught in mid flap. I shall have to post one such birdie shot that I’ve been playing around with. Watch this space as they say.
        I like Serendipity, she’s a rare but a good friend.

      2. Back in the days of film (aaaah … film ….) I shot a sparrow that was sharing a roadside-stop table with me.

        The exact blurry moment of lift off, his feet were still on the table, his body in the air, his beak pointed at the heavens and everything twixt beak and feet stretched. Sadly long since lost but if I ever find it I’ll post it. Miss Serendipity and I have been companions for a looooong time …

      3. Yeah, Serendipity is a good lass. I shall look forward to seeing such a snap should you ever chance across it. Thanks for reminding me about my own afore mentioned birdie snap, I clean forgot.

      4. Just to the left of the happy smiling Argie face at the bottom … and on most blogs, in the black menu bar across the top, over at the left. Good luck~!

      5. I am already following you of course, but the follow button up top doesn’t deliver email notifications. You have to put a widget-thingie in place, which as you have just said you have. So I shall diligently look again.

  2. “the other day I was sneaking up on a dozing daffodil” Thanks for the laugh, the whole post and I get it. Small fluttering birds can be expected to be challenging, but flowers? I have this theory: the wind watches me and waits for me to try and take a flower picture. And then it blows and blows until I give up. Sometimes I find myself sneaking up on flowers as well. 🙂 –Curt

    1. Ever noticed (obviously you have~!) how the most static and angelic of daffodils start frantically dancing as soon as they see you?

      I think there’s a malevolent God-of-Unborn-Shots keeps stalking photographers. Long-stalked flowers have to be stalked, there’s no way ’round it …

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