WPC: Humanity

Another interesting challenge. Given that quite a few will mention inhumanity I shan’t go there. Instead one simple observation from life, of


at work. And play. In transit. Spontaneous.

I WAS IN WINDSOR this morning. The Spouse was in the local Sallie shop (Salvation Army ‘op’ shops—she loves them!) swinging uppercuts or whatever ladies do in those places whilst I bimbled about with my camera, shooting spring blossoms in the adjacent streets.

IT WAS WHILE DOING such and minding my own business, concentrating on the job in hand when a simple human act came to my awareness. You know how it is when your every fibre is focussed on focussing on the dancing branches (always set in stone until they sense a camera and then they start dancing—why is that?) and you suddenly become aware of a cyclist approaching from the west.

I had to be aware. I was standing in the road and keeping a listening watch for traffic with both ears. A quick glimpse as I stepped back onto the grass, it was an oriental-type person—possibly a Japanese tourist—who’d seen me snapping my blossoms, screeched to a halt, chucked down his bike and whipped out a camera. In no time he’d pounced on the next tree and was snapping away as if film were free (actually, on a digital camera it is). I was so fascinated I almost forgot to snap him snapping and managed just the one shot before he abruptly stopped in mid motion and without a backward glance in any direction jumped on his steed and galloped off into the east—

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 20.45.37

—leaving me pondering all possible interpretations of what it means to be human.

Does this act qualify as an act by a human, a human act, and therefore one indicative, however obliquely, of a common humanity? Did he feel he was missing out on something? Did my own intense interest in the tree he was about to pass without even a sideways glance spark a sudden passion for blooms? Am I, complete with his own photos of blossoms, to be the unwitting subject tonight of a blog in Japanese?


I’m glad to say I don’t think he had any idea that he’d just been shot too. I’m glad. To pose is human, to get candids … divine.

To share a moment with someone you don’t know, never saw before and will never see again, who doesn’t share your language or customs or culture; but to inspire them to respond to what you see … is a transient humanity.





8 thoughts on “WPC: Humanity

  1. Well you know how the Japanese feel about cherry blossom. Maybe he had been meaning to take a picture of some to send to his mum in Kyoto, to show that everything is civilized in your neck of the woods, and that she needn’t worry about him being so far away, and what with everything he had forgotten, until he saw you. So now he’s sent the pic to his mum, and she’s happy and he’s happy and you’re the one who made it all happen. Well done, you.

  2. I find that on occasion I see someone catching a shot and I look to see what has caught his or her attention. If I like the photo, I take it as well. But I usually acknowledge the photographer’s effort. –Curt

    1. Yay, likewise … to give him credit, that guy was in a helluva hurry, threw his bike down, snatched it up afterwards and took off as if he were already overdue. Hope it turned out for him. 🙂

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