WPC: Enduring

Oh Gods … what unholy fiend cometh up with these Challenge ideas?

Ours not to ponder, so on with the show—


is all relative. What isn’t? You can have large scale endurance, where size is measured not in feet and inches but eternities and fractions thereof (but be careful lest ye fall afoul of the ISO people) as in Item 1 below—

ITEM 1:  a Brief Eternity

—or we can do all the usual things with observations on the ‘brief candle‘ of life etc etc, and/or create haikus to transfer our emotions but for myself I dwell on the great unanswered questions of philosophical physics; such as … say …

a) where do these things (see below) go after so brief a lifetime? And


b) Is it true that ones like this weigh upwards of ten or a hundred thousand tons?


took the shot for the endurance it was demonstrating (it didn’t~). I liked it ‘cos before I managed to get my camera out (scrabble scrabble … bugger … scrabble slither, clop) (you know how it goes when you’re in a frantic hurry and the God of Stuck Zippers strikes) it looked even more like a perplexed duck-faced sphinx made of cottonwool.


can be demonstrated at each end of the scale. Shall we compare thee to the summer’s day, a la mayfly; could we ever really be jealous of someone who never knows a winter? Or to/of a cloud floating high over hill and dale, never the same blob from one moment to the next—quite unlike those fossilised-shellfish-in-rock things I took from one of the highest hills on the North Island’s (New Zealand) volcanic plateau?

I was just a kid in an uneducated age that had not the benefits of internets, an age where ‘satellites’ were but hilarious suppositional fiction—and if you wanted to call overseas you booked weeks in advance (and made your call from the local Post Office); but when I ambled across large ‘reefs’ of those things in situ even I was struck by the thought that either the ancient Maoris were very good at making concrete in the middle of nowhere (Waiouru) with shells transported from the coast many miles away—or perhaps this area (some several thousand feet above sea level and oodles inland) had once been seabed. Brrrr …

A child born of violence out of wedlock. An enduring condition that soon passes.

Here, have a nice moon. Our moon at least is a reliable constant—no? Born in violence but out of wedlock, I’m told; our eternal luminary is but a fleeting moment in annihilation’s waste.

‘Enduring’ obviously calls for perspective (but the Weekly Challenge has already done that one) (I think …).


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 14.48.57Relative! All is relative, and endurance cannot actually be demonstrated. Not if there ever really was a Big Bang … which presupposes the impetus running out of oomph eventually and reverting to a Big Suck leading to a Great Crunch, which would take all history with it back into nothingness. So in a non-existent nowhere where nothing exists there ipso facto cannot be no history neither …


nothing exists.

Ergo, if nothing exists, nothing endures; ergo nothing is possible to be photographed — ergo this Challenge isn’t, and my very real shots above are all illusory. Buddha would be proud …

Bugger. I feel a coffee coming on.





4 thoughts on “WPC: Enduring

  1. Funny! Worth reading for the “duck-faced sphinx” alone. Going to have my 7 year old say that five times fast before breakfast.

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