WPC: Dreamy

ever a brieffie—

‘dream’ can mean to the effect of ‘with the quality of surreal‘ and that surreal quality is one of the things I sometimes try to slip into even the simplest of images—



can mean other things I offer the following wee series to Ishaiya to show that yes, Great Minds do think alike (and I love it when I find one).

Taken over a few years this sequence (possibly a bit out of order) started with a serendipity snap that over time I tried to reproduce such that one can see progress.

At the moment ‘they’ are doing up Esk Street. So getting the right angle for the snap requires patience, six-foot arms, steady hands and a wee bit of luck—on with the show: first, that angle—

Scene setter: target, tall bldg RHS further along
Scene setter: target, tall bldg RHS further along

—which was established to the left of the tree about level-ish with that couple crossing the road over on the right.

The first, September 2007
The first, September 2007

I just adore spring blossoms.

And blue skies.

And sprightly young damsels flitting along the street with a song in their heart and portable coffee in their hands … in contrast to the hints of approaching wintry gloom—

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.28.56

—leading to the bare season of bare: bare this, bare that, bare the other, bare anything but the damsels squelching along under dense layers of arctic-wear looking for all the world like irate walruses armed with steaming cup …

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.29.35

And with far too long to endure before that all too brief period of spring blossom and green leafage. “Life,” says the Japanese poet/philosopher, “is but a dream within a dream.

It’s a dream that’s marked by the procession of the colours on branches—

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.31.06

—and sometimes by shots the opportunistic can snap in springtime, before completely forgetting about them when the challenge was ‘juxtaposition’; as below.

BUMMER … ’twas ever thus. So, how does this fit the theme of the challenge? Wee Ishaiya had a pic posted that fairly resonated and I had to pay homage—iIs this a case of minds sharing a Dream, or simple synchronicity?

Before I get all poetical here’s that juxtapositionistic shot I promised. Enjoy! I did …

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.32.49

… despite all the indignant honks from cars weaving around the suicidal old goat in the middle of the traffic with a mind set entirely on getting the alignments right.

Luckily for me it was springtime and folk here are a bit more tolerant—in autumn they’d have driven over me. In winter they’d have done so then stopped, reversed back over me, then forwarded again and driven over me once more for being still in the way …

Now take thee another peek at image number one, those yellowy reflections in the puddles on concrete. I love it~!





7 thoughts on “WPC: Dreamy

  1. Wonderful series Argie, I am all a’quiver. I love the way you have captured the changing foliage, blossomage and seasons. The similarity between our shots is quite distinctive isn’t it?
    There is somebody somewhere asleep in their armchair dreaming a good dream where we are both participants believing that we are in fact the ones dreaming the other. We are of a similar family of consciousness I believe, more affectionately referred to as kindred spirits. Of that I have no doubt.

    That first snap is a cracker! You clever thing you. Flummoxed I am. Upside down signage, flipped about, photoshopped, anti-gravitational puddle…hmm. The composition and colouring is fabulous, I’m quite breathtaken and most impressed.

    Lovely to see Miss Serendipity in full swing in that last shot of yours…

    Ooh, by the way, I’ve just now received that book in the post. A 1977 edition that I picked up for a penny, plus postage of course, which made it considerably more. Still cheap though. I’m excited to see that the foreword is penned by Magus Magnusson, one of the foremost scholars of all things Norse and Scandinavian. He was impressed by the book apparently. I shall look forward to delving into it, and will be sharing my thoughts with you soon.

      1. As I’m reading the first page of the introduction, coffee in hand I’m already reminded of a similar experience I had to that of the author where I recognised a bridge from afar while on a previous trip to Venice. When I went to investigate I got the oddest sensation that I recognised this corner of the city. I even located the house that I believe I once lived it. It was like a homing beacon had been switched internally, with the feeling of butterflies intensifying as I made my way closer to what I now term, ‘my part of Venice’. The feeling was present again when I returned recently. I’ve had a few insights since about whom I was. I haven’t written it down though. Perhaps I ought to. Anyway, back tithe book…

  2. Some folk just take it in their stride as another boring shot and move swiftly on, not noticing that the reflection is legible. Well done, you~!
    I visited that building site twice (pre- and post- duck shooting in Queens Park) but my camera skills weren’t adequate so had to ‘enhance’ a little. Amazing how much the lighting had changed, and I got some steady stares from the workers there both times even though outside the mesh fence and shooting through one of the wee links.

    Last week I got yelled at by a constructor (different site) in the distance and the whole effect would have been pure comedy if not so saddening. The high mesh fence had a gate, the gate was open. On the gate was a sign which I stood trying to read for almost a minute before I gave up and took a necessary single step … with one foot over the boundary I could now read the sign, which I did despite the distant shrieking and bellowing — “Spey Street substation under construction KEEP OUT” (words to that effect).
    Only a Southlander would post a warning sign so that it faces inboard when most needed … I tipped him a cheery wave and stepped backwards across the invisible line but could no longer snap the sign (and had no desire to mix it with a programmed robot defending its turf).

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