WPC: Refraction

This is as close as I’ve been able to get, so far, to the


refraction shot. Pure blind luck …

… had me hurrying through the animal enclosures in Queens Park. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, I think I’ve managed to catch a series of shots of a Mother Duck educating Baby Duck. The lesson took the form of ‘watch & copy’ and she was very patient. But more on that soon in Warm Fluffy Squirrels, right now we’re dealing with the Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 19.59.49

—refraction. What I like about it is the distortions of reality yet all strictly in accordance with known laws and other such esoteric stuff. (More than that I like being able to simultaneously look down on the critter whilst looking up at the critter—if you click on the image above it should open into a larger pic for you; you’ll see what I mean.)


according to the label is a ‘Red turtle from the Mississippi‘ (something like that—I was in a wee bit of a hurry at the time).

Seeing the little guy reminded me of a tale doing the rounds a few years ago:

A drunk staggering through the carnival came across a ‘throw to win a prize’ stall. Three balls for a buck, and the prize was a tortoise. To everyone’s surprise he scored on his third throw and staggered off clutching his prize. He came back an hour later even more soused, and once again scored a tortoise. He did this several more times in the course of the evening but when he came back just before they closed for the night the carnie guy told him sadly that he couldn’t play any more, out were all out of prizes—at which the drunk hauled himself upright and snorted “To heck with any prizes! I just want another of them crunchy meat pies~!”

Refraction? Why not …

Nil Desperandum 



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