WPC: descent

Okay … someone had to say it:

descent is wot de nose sniffs

—no? (Phew, thank heavens that’s over and done with.)

And now, on with the challenge

duck on finals—taken some years ago in Browns Bay, Auckland. I was lucky enough to catch this duck entirely committed to his landing. Any landing, they say (that is, ducks* say) that you can paddle away from is a good one.

It’s a thought that takes me back to a song popular  some years ago, words to the effect:

They say in the Air Force

That the landing’s okay …

If the pilot gets out and the crew walks away …

But in the Fleet Air Arm, the prospects are grim—

If the landing’s stuffed up—

And the pilot can’t swim~!

Yeah, right …  moving on:

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 20.21.47Descending raindrops and leaky-gutter splops in town, with a pure seredipitatiously caught ring-splash. All good clean fun …

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 20.02.51Talking of which, launching ramps for downwardly mobile infants. I came across it in the park, and nobody around I snuck up to the top of the tallest vacant tower (the Q of H watching somewhat disapprovingly) (no sense of fun, royalty) and took this snap—

Doom's-eye view—whilst gauging my probable terminal velocity if I undertook the descent. Dammit, five-year-olds can do it—why not senile old poops?

Got me sums wrong, it turned out.

I’d thought I might, possessing extra mass that infants don’t—despite gravity itself being a common constant my momentum was greater than even the engineers had allowed for, so instead of stopping at the bottom of the descent I powered onwards and fired right off the end of the ramp for some little distance before dropping vertically onto my butt. Of course at that very moment four (five? Six?) high-school girls emerged from the path through the hedge and cracked up completely when they saw me.

It’s nice to make someone’s day …


Rivers too can descend, and condescending little streams likewise. Sometimes their falling waters meet in ebbs and swirls—

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 19.55.39or ripples. Is such a confluence a meta phor the ebbs and flows and eddies of time itself? Don’t ask me—I’m still pondering that a man can never wet his foot twice in the same river. (Don’t ask for explanations, I’ll never descend so low as to pass opinion on the works of great sages.)

And now it’s midnight and time to descend into the arms of our lovely waterbed, to sleep, to dream …



* and albatrosses. (Albatri? Whatever … )





5 thoughts on “WPC: descent

  1. I know I’m a little tardy on the uptake, I’m usually a lot more diligent when it comes to your posts. But I like. Thank you for the welcome morning giggles. All experiments must be undertaken with some measure of seriousness no? Even if it makes one look a little quackers! Like you say, good clean fun.
    I do love your ripples shot, kind of makes the eyes go a bit funny, but the patterns and textures, not to mention the lovely earthy tones are wonderful. Good job Argie!

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