Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

and some, as far as I’ve seen, have been pretty darned good~!


in fact. Which thought leads me into my offerings, neither of which are my own work. ‘Twas ever thus, a good challenge, a blank slate, a chalk, but no convenient snaps …

No 1


interpretation: Shot No. 1 (herewith above), a lovely pie thingy purloined from a fellow blogger who from the look of it does lovely pies. Click on her pie for the link …

Minimalist? Hardly—it’s a gorgeous pie and as far as I can tell not a hint of short change or light measure in any direction; the sort of pie I would take a bite out of with a clear conscience should I ever happen across one unattended (as The Spouse knows only too well).


justifiable befuddlement, herewith below another pie, one from a different author.

Okayyyy … a wee bit overdone, perhaps, and sadly I cannot it give a byline/credit/link to the source ‘cos I never noted it properly at the time—

No 2—and this one I wouldn’t be too tempted to chomp en passant. Okay, it may be a bit well-done and a bit stale and stuff—but who wouldn’t be after two thousand years? The pie is listed as from old Pompei (and I believe it).

I’m fascinated by human nature and am delighted that the thirst for pies is as fresh now as back then … but our Challenge?

Oh~! Yes, the challenge … I’m drawing our attention to the minimal differences in pies over some two thousand years — a negligible difference (that some might call minimalist)


to stop making excuses and do something about meeting the challenge in a manner more honest … don’t wait up …





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