Okay, I married curvaceous but with the passage of time curvaceous has become angular—so now I love angular. Not a problem.

For that matter Curvaceous married wavy-curled and is now stuck with hairy egg, all in all a reasonable balance that in no way addresses this week’s Challenge. So, onward and downward~!


(certainly made a chicken out of me) which limited the field a bit in town. Amazing how carrying a portable coffee in one hand and holding on to your hat with the other in a lashing icy rainy breeze* slows down your photographic options.


(still fowls?) into ‘The Old Barbecue Factory’ premises, now taken over and efficiently run by the Sallie Army folks as an Opportunity Shop. A couple of elderly ladies in there with whom (after all these months) I’m still on roughly level points (oral sniping) although the smaller one has trimmed my sails a few times and may just be a bit ahead (she’ll keep); and they kindly let me take a snap of their roof—

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 17.05.57

—which you may notice is a whole lot of angles held together with beams and trusses and stuff.


(The Spouse) (whom else?) had finished rabbiting through other peoples’ junk (some good stuff in there, dammit) we squelched around town where I noticed this on the footpath/pavement/sidewalk—

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 16.41.23

—and thought ‘How lovely, all angles with nary a curve nowhere.’ Snap.

Until we called in to Global Bytes for another coffee where I thought about the true actual meaning of curves—

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 16.40.25

—which after all, are just angles bent round a wee bit, right?

And one curve can be paired with another, then another, and another until eventually things go full circle … and a circle, my old maths teacher used to tell us gravely, can be thought of as lots and lots of identical wee triangles all joined together at the top (skinny) end. He was a quaint old soul always babbling about squaws on hides and hippopotamuses but it was an honest job and we kept him off the streets.

And thank heavens The Spouse never reads this stuff or I’d be out on the streets myself—looking for my teeth; a new angle on the expressions ‘gentle gender’ or ‘weaker sex’ …



* I deserve marks for understatement here



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