perhaps I am, after all


to some degree.

Let me explain, before you bite my head off …

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 17.52.59

but first here’s yer Twinkle. Look at it, remember it—you ain’t gonna see anuvva like it, never.

On the 8th of December (December 8 to you Americans) I was heading into Queens Park with a view to shooting some ducks when my eye was attracted by a flash of blue on the ground.


to the fore I backed up. Note: I didn’t turn around or anything so prosaic—I backed up. And there it was, another brief blue flash—that as I oscillated back and forth trying to get a really good fix on it … twinkled.


I got my visual lock and homed in, switched to macro and snapped the snap.

When I finally creaked to my feet again (Yay! Man returns to the upright, devolution is defeated!) I discovered that people were giving me an even wider berth than mere manners might mandate. Dammit, I had my twinkle—I can live with that. So … psychic? Read on and be engrossed …


at my lovely photo later in iPhoto all I had was a blue dot. I tossed it out, I inbinerated that shot out of hand. After all, who wants a dot? But then a wee small niggle at the back of the mind suggested that one shouldn’t be too hasty. I salvaged my dot.

And then I enhanced it just a little. And cropped it a bit.

And set it aside, simply (quite irrationally, actually)  knowing that one day it would come in handy.

Did too.

So: am I psychic or not? Some might say coincidence. A charismatic Christian nutter I knew once would have said “God-incidence”; and the last I heard of him he was destroying innocent young minds in Christchurch academia somewhere. So I leave it to YOU, the viewer, to decide.

In the meantime I’m gonna keep all the photos I’ve ever binned—just in case I took a psychic shot that may one day be worthy of posting.

So, what will next week’s Challenge be, then?

Hold on … my psycho senses are telling me … wait … the word I’m getting is ‘altruist’ … or could be ‘mongoose’ … bugger, gone in a twinkle. I almost had it …

Psychic? How about this wee beauty:

Around the world men’s thoughts will fly
Quick as the twinkling of an eye.

—credited to one Mother Shipton* (1400s, 1500s … a bit before the internet or radio)



* How much credit? I like to read of these things but take them with the proverbial dose of salts (oops, belay that—I meant grain of salt).

If intrigued, go to:  this link  but don’t blame me if you waste a few minutes or hours. All is conjecture, but fun anyway …



3 thoughts on “WPC: TWINKLE

  1. Good stuff Argie. That Old Mother Shipton was a real barrel of laughs wasn’t she?
    Makes you wonder if at times she was seeing true events or tuning into future films doesn’t it?
    What I know at least from my meagre experience is that nothing is set in stone, nor predestined. She was just probably upset because she was ugly. 🙂

    1. Hah! Makes me wonder about a lot of things.

      The ol’ Black Swan thing comes foremost to mid—M’er Shipton aside, any (r) any genuine act of prophecy (beyond the obvious and so predictable) blows it for a lot of people and their ‘thought’.

      If the Ms Shipton thing is genuine then hundreds of millions of folks would have a very real problem—not least of which would be simply trying to stay themselves.

      But I predict they’d do it. (A no-brainer, actually …)

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