First off, a wee


of my own. Take a good hard beak at some images, and then—

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 17.49.16


—identify them.

If you can. No need to be precise (ball-park will do).

If the first above isn’t enough here’s a further clue, make of it what you will (and be advised, a clue is in the name of this game itself: Twinkle).

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 17.49.39


And did they ever twinkle!

How easy is it to catch a movement (twinkling) in a single shot (static imagery)? But I adore such challenges—they make the week a little more surreal.


to let you off the hook here’s the solution in a single shot. The latest incarnation of an ancient jest had been played out not too long before I got there—

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 17.50.11

—and I stood over on the far right focussing down to catch my twinkles for you. Detergent and a fountain combine to produce the loveliest twinkles—just as well it never occurs to these artists to add Condy’s crystals to the mix …

Also interesting to see how much the moss or weed has grown over those rocks since I last snapped this lot in winter. So: next week’s challenge, what will it be? Something meaty, I hope.


I didn’t means sausages, or chops. And don’t ask me, I’m still trying to do something with “Twinkle, twinkle, little bubble …”


For Ishaiya, a bubbly blob of bigger better bouncey bubbles—

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 20.57.04

—and not a paver in sight. Okaaaaay, I did lean over the paving to reach the foam … a bit … . (Clicking on image should open it up to bigger … )





15 thoughts on “WPC: TWINKLE

  1. Looks very convincingly like a night sky Argie. But there’s no fooling this Leo’s keen eye, even if I do have a constellation of my very own. ‘Tis a sparkly bit of road or some such surface is it not? Very nice too. This challenge has really captured your imagination hasn’t it? 🙂

    1. Hah~! Not the sky it resembles but actually schloggs of foam in the fountain—the twinkles catch the eye of the passer bys. Passers by. Whatever …

      I enjoy a challenge and am waiting for something we can seek our collective fangs into …

      1. I meant the bit of paving you shot, not the foaming fountain. Has the Sage been keeping you up again…? 😉

        Collective fangs? That’s a lot of gnashers. And yes, I agree that would be fun. I was chuffed with myself on the previous twinkly challenge as I had spent the morning shooting my xmas tree decorations, and I just knew that they would be relevant to the next WPC. Perhaps that’s the challenge in itself, also a test of precongnitive prowess on both our parts, shoot the next challenge before the challengers get their thinking caps on. Perhaps it’ll be less a case of precognition as prior suggestion through the auspices of collective consciousnes?

      2. Not a shot of paving, I assure you—just foam in the above fountain. I took several shots before plunging in (so to speak) with the foam, and this one I’m about to add into the post is one of the rejects … if I can add it ion at this late stage, never tried before … 🙂

      3. I shall have have another gander at tour shots Sir. I stand corrected of course, and well done for fooling me, (mind you, that’s not so difficult before 3 in the afternoon). I just remember you posting similar shots of glittering paving some time back. Looking forward to seeing your rejected shot. 🙂

  2. Ha! I see it now. Looking at your first two shots has been an interesting exercise in demonstrating how flawed, or perhaps how malleable and creative perception can be. Almost as creative as you with your sharp shooter! I bet that fountain must be a bugger to de-foam…

    1. Dammit, I went within a few dozen yards of it today but didn’t spare a glance—celephone was playing up and taking my attention. Took it in for expert advice, guy hauled the back off and only after I’d earnestly (!) explained that I never use the camera function he hauled out a wee card thingy … and without it phone is now running sweetly.

      Okay, I no longer have a back-up camera but I can live with that … memo to self: next time in town see if the fountain has been de-foamed …

    1. Yay! When I first saw those shots onscreen that’s exactly what I thought too; hence the editorial slant.

      We’re lucky down here, but for a clear night sky it’s a fair hike if we ever get cloudless (happens in mid winter, but brrrrrr …)(last winter I forgot my gloves and no way was I going back in the house. Spouse can get a bit grumpy if her sleep’s needlessly disturbed)(metal tripod, sharp frost, yuk …)

    1. “As above, so below”; if stars are random, why not bubbles … but I still don’t know why the camera changed what I saw as white into blue. If there’s a ‘horseshoe’ constellation, bingo! Got one! 🙂

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