WPC: Yellow

… there’s a Yellow Rose in Texas …

(but I read somewhere that she was actually black)

… goodbye Yellow Brick Road …

(ya don’t often see yellow bricks …)

… yellow is the colour of my True Love’s hair …

(we had a yellow cat once)(called ‘Gingey’)(go figure …)

… mellow yellow … Old Yeller … Yellowstone National …


so on with the Challenge. Yellow? Here’s a few of the more obvious range-finders, I’ll fire-for-effect later, after breakfast*. Hope you like ’em—

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.34.05

They say that the combination of yellow and black is the most visual; so they make it the combo of choice for our signage. Sometimes. Nature likes it too …

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.41.43

I found this in the devil’s picture book. Being a Leo and fond of the genuinely feminine in Womanhood I identify with it (don’t let The Spouse see this, she might get ideas …)

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.48.21

Nature is generous with her brush, and opportunistic bugs abound. I really should spray them but that might harm the bees and ladybirds. So I tip-toe by with guilt conscience, Mother (Nature) knows best …

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.36.58

Minerva, Roman goddess of handicrafts, looking a bit pensive last autumn. Feminine strength? Brrrrr …

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.56.05

IN A MODERN graveyard where all is regulated, ordained, and enforced to the nth degree (and beyond) by insect-authority writ large (petty blasted officials) for some reason this manifestation of grief, longing, and nostalgia had escaped the eye of the toady-minded. Long may it last — and I hope that little yellow duck is still there.

NOW SEEK and ye shall find—

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.39.57

—your yellow. It’s in there (trust me~!). I find it amazing that so much of nature is yellow, and so much of yellow is artificial too. So one more shot, you’ve possibly seen it before but I had to fish it out to show The Spouse (we were discussing perspective) —

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.00.46

—and yes, there is some yellow in there. It’s a mural and a helluva lot bigger than it looks here—shows a mix of modern and Victorianish kids, all in the dress and with the playthings of their times, sharing the same premises. I love the concept~!


Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.35.58 have it, a few spontaneous thoughts on yellow. I’ll now go and fight it out with two yellow-yolked eggies (fried) (in butter sometimes, coconut oil most times) on toast. Standard Argus breakfast for the last thirty years and despite modern ‘wisdoms’ am still waiting for the heart attack. And please don’t get me started on that ‘food pyramid’ (superstitious bloody rubbish) or I may have to point out that whereas I’m as slim as a willow wand, most of my conventional peers are wee tubbies rolling about the streets …

… I’d tell them but I’m too yellow. C’est la vie.



*  Eggies on toast, two of (yellow yolks …)



14 thoughts on “WPC: Yellow

    1. I’ve not seen one since, tiny wee thing.
      Thank you for the kind words, I feel motivated~Spouse and I are now going to town (spontaneous call) where we’re bound to find some yellows … hope hope hope …

    2. Eeeeeeek~! Spouse told me a few minutes ago that that one was actually one of her shots~! I checked it out, and yes indeedy … it really is. (Damn, no wonder I love it …)


      And if she doesn’t stop preening I’ll have to put boll weevils in her bustle or something; with over twelve thousand snaps on this drive (mostly unlabelled) the occasional mistake must be expectable …

  1. Time for some yellow dinner (lots of cheese and macaroni), then I’ll come back and have another look. But I like what I see…I wonder what I can post for this challenge…?

    1. Cheese! Dammit, why didn’t I think of that? I’ve just had some (always put a layer of cheese twixt eggies and their toast).

      Go get’em, Tiger! Boom boom!

  2. Your yellow daisy is quite wonderful. I was a big fan of growing a lot of yellow flowers when I had a garden, especially the shade of primrose. I particularly like yellow roses.

    Odd, because as I sit here eating my yellow dinner, I realise that I unwittingly dressed for the challenge today, bearing in mind that the challenges don’t usually reach my inbox until evening UK time. I am dressed in ochre and stripy yellow. Fancy that…?
    You have inspired me now with your entertaining words and sumptuously yellow pictures to go and have a rummage around in my own library to see what I can offer by way of an entry. Enjoy your amble about town with the Spouse. 😉

    1. Thank you; and we did. Raining here but warm(ish) summer rain I can live with, and worked it into some of the shots especially taken for the dreaded Challenge.

      I have no idea how we’re going to cope if it occurs to some bright spark to suggest ‘infinity’ …

      1. Möbius strips will abound! Actially I have a little cartoon sketch of your canine self with a möbius strip that I did some time ago. It was going to be part of a cartoon I was composing of two of my other favourite blogging types, Ark and John Zande. Not sure if you ever saw the skit I eventually posted? I’ll have to fish it out, along with my little sketch of The Dog. 🙂

        Warm summer rain I could live with too, but it’s pretty cold in our climes at the mo. Still too mild to snow though. Well there’s a nice change.

        ‘Infinity’ wouldn’t be so difficult to shoot, would it…? Of course, now that you’ve put that thought out there…

      2. If I tell you this now it might prejudice your own shots at it when it does come up … but yesterday in an op shop (she’s got me enjoying them too, now~) I tweaked the side mirrors of an oldish dressing table whilst pondering the positioning of a camera to capture the ever-diminishing reflections fading into infinity.

        Dammit, if it’s still there next time in town I’ll take my mini tripod (bean bag too low, this time) and give it a shot …

      3. I took such a shot just recently, a selfie in mirror also reflected ad infinitum on the screen of my phone camera. I’m looking forward to seeing your shots though. 🙂

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