WPC: Shadowed

I love The Challenge every week. Targets abound in any theme, but our Challenge makes ’em all legal. Into it …


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 15.25.09and fair enough too. Shadows can make someone philosophical and introspective—shadows being the bit left over when the main source of light is somewhat occluded (I love big words) (and sometimes I even get ’em right) … so try this on for size—

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 18.19.46—I’ve often pondered that light seems additive. By which I mean that if you use a mirror to direct a falling sunbeam across an already illuminated area it gets brighter. Duuuuh so far, but: you can’t do the same with a shadow. Oh, wow. As often as I tried with a mirror I could never reflect a shadow into a bright area. Stupid shadows. Dumb mirrors.

Hey, I’m not finished with you yet: if light is additive, then why don’t the two shadows falling across that nut above (are you getting ‘nut’ here?) doubly darken it? Hmm?


for now. Read on and ponder my predilection for alleyways. Nothing too pondermonious here, I just like shortcuts and often a diagonal beats hoofing the length of two sides. So here’s yer first alley—

Alley—and man, ya don’t get no more shadowy than dat. Makes one think of the Great Beyond and that ever popular hit “The Light at the End of The Tunnel” (but I didn’t hear choral singing …). Probably the wrong tunnel (I get that a lot).


on my way to meet The Spouse I shorted alongside the Civic Centre and in the distance saw a Mama Kat exercising her Cittens. Anyway, she was watching over the young barbarians at play—

Kit kats—and when I got closer the kittens neatly in line astern filed into a hole in a ventilator grill and disappeared. Bugger, I wanted to shoot a kitten (you can’t lose with kittens) (or puppies) but as I got close enough to pass by I observed a MamaKattish face peering out at me. Never one to miss a trophy, I used the camera to peer back at her and got this—

Mama kat—after which I trotted on, to meet The Spouse (who promptly took me in for shopping). Actually, that’s a misnomer—in supermarkets she shops, I just apply motive power to the trolley and navigate.


of such navigations that we happened over the shot below. First, understand that Southlanders live for convention. Everything has to be done by the book, and if Christmas is coming up they decorate for Christmas … this recent Xmas the two major department stores had their Santa grottos up and running by the thirteenth of October. Two months (!) and two weeks (!!) in advance … on Boxing Day (26th December) I jokingly told The Spouse “Only three hundred and sixty-four shopping days till Christmas” and blow me down if the very next newspaper we got didn’t have words to that effect … I frighten myself sometimes.

Anyway, we’d been having wee bets as to when the first Easter stuff would appear; too late, it’s already up and running—

HC buns 140115—in the Waikiwi Countdown supermarket. Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up (fiction, unlike truth, has to be credible).


of course. If you look closely I’m sure you’ll find a shadow in there somewhere … and afterwards in the car park I spotted the south end of a north-facing parked wagon and got this—

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 18.25.00which I didn’t mention to Spouse ‘cos she’s more yer pragmatic (non philosophical) sort; and I swear she keeps me as some kind of pet or physical argument against evolution.

She’ll keep …





8 thoughts on “WPC: Shadowed

  1. Nice shots Argie! The Mamakat looks very healthy for a dweller of the shadowy alleyways.
    Here too, Easter is already up and running. The mystique of such cultural events has been well and truly rent from festively wrapped box of goodies, for me. I used to like such events when I was young, (sort of…). I suppose me and Christmas have never really got on properly, but Easter was a guaranteed hit due the abundance of chocolate one could be promised by various relatives. Except that half the anticipation of such occasions was the anticipation! Waiting for the goods to appear in shops shortly before due date, but now…

    I have a challenge for you Argie, snap me an Easter Bunny up to his knees in snow. That will furnish quite nicely the sense of irony I feel about all of this pre-holiday, premature marketeering. And besides, I know like a challenge. 😉

    1. Your own challenge is to remind me in a few months time—the nearest snow at the moment is in deepest Fiordland where lurketh the legendary meese. (Besides, it’ll take that long to knit a bunny~)

      1. Elder sisters taught me as a lad. Sadly they never taught me how to finish off — I gave it up when my scarf reached about seven feet …

    1. Yay! Mama cat was very wary, but the family looked in excellent condition.

      And it’s finally raining here, so I can get out there soon and get some macro droplets …

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