WP Challenge: depth

There are many variations on Depth—which loosely speaking is a measure, most often going away-wards, or in the case of liquids … downwards.

Do we ever stop to think of the poetic uses? Depth as a measure of deepness, but who could ever accurately capture a deep emotion with a mere camera? Hah! The poet can …

“But the other swiftly strode from ridge to ridge,
Clothed with his breath, and looking, as he walked,
Larger than human on the frozen hills.
He heard the deep behind him, and a cry
Before. His own thought drove him, like a goad.
Dry clashed his harness in the icy caves
And barren chasms, and all to left and right
The bare black cliff clanged round him, as he based
His feet on juts of slippery crag that rang
Sharp-smitten with the dint of armed heels-“

… etc etc etc and all very nice it is too. (I love it, especially that bit about the level lake and the long glories of the winter moon. Brrrrrr … it reaches to the very depths of my being …)


can a Deep be overhead?

Why not—they talk about deepest space … so why not a local overhead Deep?

The Deep

—which to my eye looks more Ragnarokian than Tennysonian; and to be appreciated has to be seen on the big screen if you can’t be there in person.


bed-time (flexible) to court the deepest sleeps. Good night … and don’t ponder too deeply about this week’s photo challenge, you’ll find something good.


Nil deepsperandum



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