WPC: Symmetry

in the blink

of a gnat’s eye. As in the reflection of the Taj Mahal in the wee pond, or a garden slug likewise—as above, so below.

So check out the port and starboard of this wee busy buzzer beelow, nearly trodden on as I stepped out—luckily for him/her/it pure instinct had me watching where I was going (that and a lifetime of hard lessons walking into things) (or worse, falling into things) …

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.47.35It still brought me to my knees though—no, I don’t worship bees (or anything else) (brrrr) I just had no option if I were to meet the crittur head on for the snap. I missed by a few degrees so you’ll have to imagine him head on …


completely different: what could possibly be more symmetrical than a mirror image?

This time I think I may have finally cracked it—as in “captured infinity” in a fortieth of a second at f4.9, boom boom! Read on:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 17.10.40

—the lady in the Sallie shop was most intrigued. I don’t think she’d ever seen infinity before, or how it curves into the distance. Probably an optical delusion caused by misalignments (all very technical).

I left her peering in whilst trying not to block the flow with her own self (not easy)*.


you’re having problems imagining a bee head-on, here’s a wee cheater for you—

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 18.08.35

And now to go out and shoot symmetry. I may be some time …



* Actually, not possible …



4 thoughts on “WPC: Symmetry

    1. I read a rebuttal some while ago but it was too technical for me, purporting to explain why the ol’ bumble can fly when he can’t. Somewhere else I read a guy who invoked static electricity, but he lost me part way in too. So for the old adage about bumbles, I’m happy to accept that even if they can’t … they do. (Anyway, I love the wee critturs~!)

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