I promised to expand on what I saw in the heart of town and didn’t really believe. To set the scene, I was bimbling along the banks of the wee creek (Otepuni) (this shot) —

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 19.38.47

—and if you look into the distance: just this side of that wee road bridge … terrain very similar to this shot of Mummy Duck and her out-of-season baby ducklet—

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 19.47.36—you’ll notice a fair flow to the very shallow water. What looks like bottom there is actually a weedy growth, streamlined by the current and some inches thick.


few ducks under that distant road bridge and ever the optimists they came out as I approached—they had to spend quite a bit of effort paddling against the flow.

Then I noticed what can only be described as a strong surge along the bottom, going against the current (important, please note) and creating waves out of all proportion to those of the ducks.


anything of it. Noticed, and noted, and now back to my ducks … but it happened again, further upstream. A quick analysis along the lines of rocky outcrops on the bottom, or similar~?

No. You’d get standing waves and in the same place; not moving surges. Bugger … and when it happened a third time, even further upstream, I noticed that there was a considerable amount of power being used down there. Power? In water about a foot (two at the very most) deep?


a superstitious dread complete with rising hackles? Me neither, not until then. Finally it occurred to me to fish camera out of bag, arm same, and aim. But it didn’t happen again (for which I’m actually grateful).

I left the ducks to it although I did watch their progress battling the current upstream, wondering if perhaps there’s a taniwha* down there, or maybe a (rather larger than I’d ever like to see) big eel.

Could we have our very own Invercargill Ness Monster?

Naaaaahhhhhhhh …


Nil Desperandum

*  Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 20.12.12



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