WPC: Wall



this time is simply ‘wall’. I like that, you can have a lot of fun with a wall. Walls.


as we know can be used to demarcate boundaries, and they are quite useful sometimes for holding things up. (If you don’t believe me just try putting up a roof with no walls, and staying snug afterwards.)


Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.04.14walls must be secure to be entirely legal and compliant with current Law which varies according to season, whim of the incumbent powers and/or even astrological sign in ascendant. Thus in New Zealand’s southernmost ‘city’* we have buildings that have stood for well over a century, entirely legally, but which cannot now be used ‘cos they are ‘earthquake prone’.

Such a one I visit often can never do cameric justice to. It’s a lovely thing (in a brickey sort of a way) so in my ‘wall’ entry (see below) I’m showing just a wee bit of it. It’s a wally bit that holds up the rest, so my entry is valid.

There’s walls on all sides, actually, and even with windows; very hard to beat for wallness.

Here y’are—

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.03.08

—are those WALLs, or what? Boom boom~! Sadly they’re now officially “earthquake prone” so although it’s one of our few tourist attractions, all you may do is hoof around the base and take snaps.


you haven’t seen enough, here ’tis again. Look and learn—this is what a genuine earthquake-prone building looks like. (Why this building should be any more prone to earthquakes than the rest of Invercargill eludes me, but our gods here move in mysterious ways) (one of our other attractions, an art gallery would you believe, is likewise prone to quakes; and thus off-limits). Here it is again (the Water Tower) seen from one of the approaches—

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.05.44


a shot of a wee wall in Queens Park. This one hasn’t been officially declared ‘earthquake prone’ ‘cos no-one can enter it, live in it, or be otherwise killed by it. I think … all too technical for me—

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.06.52

—but I may have it sussed: the definition of ‘earthquake prone’ seems to be entirely dependent on if you can be hurt in the unlikely event of an earthquake (history or track record doesn’t come into it.) Like I said it’s all too complicated for me—but ain’t that just a bonny wee wall?



*  Don’t knock it—in Invercargill we have the worlds southernmost Starbucks, and some of our legislators can even tie their own shoelaces and wave bye-bye …


27 thoughts on “WPC: Wall

  1. You raise a cheer to my eyes, and bring a tear to my smile…uh…I didn’t mean to drool all over your post, I might smudge the ink. Sorry.
    I wonder how many shots of walls I have in my collection? Unfathomable amounts probably, so many of them everywhere you go that sneaking them in doesn’t seem like such an offensive thing to do. The Wallosity of Wallness, it would make a good title of a book, if anyone actually read the bleeding things these days… you could make a wall out of good old fashioned books, and it’d be quite sturdy. Can’t do that with e-books can you…?

    1. Thanks you~! As for shots of walls, I seem to have been an unknowing collector over the years. But there’s only ‘so many’ way one can snap a pile of bricks (I dunno though, must go check) …

    1. Thanks for that too … I just liked the cottagey aspect as I was wandering by. (Amazing how many folks stopped to watch, I’m sure that most of them had passed a zillion times and never seen the flowers or the wall.)

      1. Probably true. The job of the artist at work you know, to get the passing of life to stop and take a breather, maybe appreciate something other than their linty navels…

      2. That’s about the best definition of The Artist I’ve ever seen. I’ll use it shamelessly … 🙂

      1. Hah! That’s taking it seriously … we just dabble, and over-hype the possibilities in order to increase taxes.
        But we shot ourselves in the foot, ‘cos telling everyone we’re “earthquake prone” (we’re not) because our legislators are too lazy to write “in the unlikely event of a major earthquake our buildings may prove a bit liable to collapse” is not good. It tends to put people who actually do understand English off a bit … dammit, we need our tourists!

        San Andreas … that’s a biggie …

      2. It is sad about the beautiful buildings being shut down. Seems like an overreaction to me. Sometimes ‘better safe than sorry’ can get a little extreme. –Curt

    1. And thank you, too … gorgeous autumn morning here and she’s booked me in for helping with the housework. She’ll keep (mutter mutter mutter …)

    1. Thanks for that, I was wondering if I was stretching the limits … in a local town (Winton) they have a Leaning Tower—so far as I know no pen pusher has (yet) designated it “earthquake prone” which is probably just as well, ‘cos perched at the top (a hundred feet up) is some 86,000 gallons of water. I think if they make it earthquake-prone they’ll have to include a tsunami hazard too …

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