The things you see when out hunting for things to see …


be our answer to all philosophical nightmares. In a previous post I posited the possibility of a roof without any walls. (Yeah, big deal …)


having forgotten about this symbol of everlasting good fellowship with a city in Japan*, their gift unto us—

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 19.37.25

—I saw the physical embodiment of an academic concept. Yay~! There we have it:  your wall-less roof. It be a shelter, take it for all in all, I shall not see its like again …


Here’s a wee wall then. Even better, it’s (a) a real wall (got bricks), and (b) they’ve thrown in a cute ancient posting box as a letter box, extra, free of charge.

Your wall, Sir, Madam, or Wotever:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 19.39.20


for this week—take a beak at this little beauty, and just try to guess what is is (nice colours, though)—

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 19.40.45

—and if you’re into giving up (not that I can blame you—it almost had me fooled, and I’m the guy that shot it) here’s the background: . Spouse and I met at the Global Bytes cafe after a happy day doing our separate things. I am a liberated husband so get to sit at our favourite table whilst she bimbles off to get ’em in (coffees).

The table adjoins a wee wall of glass bricks (get the drift, yet?) beyond which is a wee gizmo that young mothers prop their infants into whilst squashing golden coins into a voracious slot. The entire construction vibrates, makes jungle noises, and flashes red … the trick is to time the exposure with a red flash.

So this is how we meet the weekly photo challenge here in the deep south; now set ’em up, onwards and upwards~!



* Dammit—I did read the label to see whose generosity has cemented an unforgettable perpetual bond, but damned if I can remember which city. Still, it’s not as if the several millions of souls in that good city aren’t fully aware of us in Invercargill, and of how much we mean to them? This ‘twinning’ of cities is desperately important in the great scheme of things …


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