WPC: Ephemeral

Oh, wow~!

At last, a concept rather than a hasty grabber.


I like it! Boom boom! Not to be confused with ‘ethereal’ although I like ’em both (and dammit, sometimes both fit the bill).


I got down upon my knees to prey—

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.48.10

—and preyed upon the naive, whom I managed to capture from ambush. That’ll teach ’em to play the innocent with me …


of ephemerals celebrating the rites of spring, in autumn. They too went under the shutter—

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.50.53

—proving that there ain’t really no safety in numbers. (The saying’s a crock …)

Neither is there safety in being a loner—

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.50.00

—although this guy did keep a fairly low profile. But for the security of his species he should be advised about camouflage and complementary colours. The woods were littered with the carcasses of reds—kids have been told that these things are poisonous (are too) so take matters into their own hands. For some reason it never occurs to the modern mother to simply tell the kids not to eat them …


port, starboard, or thumb—tacks is tacks; so here we are attacking (ouch) the very concept of ephemeral. What on Earth can be more ephemeral than—

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.52.28

—rocks? No, poor naive person—not the rocks, pebbles, gravel and other detritus of the aeons … but the swirly patterns produced in the surfaces of flowing waters; waters that come down from the melting snows of the Southern Alps (which in the Great Scheme Of Things) are also ephemeral.

Perspective: I should have used this notion when ‘perspective’ was the Photo Challenge of the week. dammit, opportunities too are ephemeral—lucky we sometimes get a second chance~!





4 thoughts on “WPC: Ephemeral

  1. Nice! Those fungi definitely qualify as ephemeral. I’ve often thought the little blighters would lend themselves very nicely to stop-motion animation. Now just to find the time to spend 24 hours contemplating a fungus!

    1. Twenty-four hours of one twitch every minute? Eeeek~!

      Thank heavens for automation (and portable TV sets for thems that needs it—myself, a huge pile of sandwiches and a good book.) (You know, the ol’ loaf of bread, large bottle of dry red, Kindle well laden with poems, bough etc etc and I’m in Heaven.)
      And who knows—perhaps in time-lapse the little buggers actually dance … ? 🙂

      1. I was brought up in Ireland to believe that mushrooms and toadstools were a sure sign of the presence of fairy folk. Mushroom circles were their dance floors!

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