WPC: FMeral

I love the


for a lot of reasons but also ‘cos it gets me out of the house into the foul and filthy air. Autumn, yuk (gorgeous colours, though—and oodles of lovely funguses, and the scents of burning leaves, and cooler breezes, chestnuts, hot coffee and cold doughnuts …)


battle-maidens of Southland (and your followers, whose name is Legion) — the netball season; epitomised by the untouchable Southern Steel~


~who slipped very casually into the slot vacated by the hugely lauded Southern Sting (yay, Go Sting!) without batting an eyelash nor shedding a tear for the departed, or otherwise showing anything less than total devotion to the franchise. Sic transit gloria mundi or so they say … and what is glory if not ephemeral?


wanderings and ponderings and trying to get a grip on the concept of focus (only a loose grip, in the end) I happened upon a lonely idea perched amidst a few dendrites whilst contemplating a suicidal leap across the synaptic gaps—

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.17.57

—or was it a dew drop in the herbage? (Bugger, must ask my analyst*). (She tried, though, to give her her due; gods alone know how many time she warned me off coffee.)

Which reminds me—sticking to our brief; what can be more ephemeral that a hastily scribbled differentiator added in cool white felt-pen to a hot lid?

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.21.38

And thus The Spouse can tell mine from hers, and she doesn’t get scorched lips by accident. I like mine hot … but isn’t that (above brushery) magnificent unwitting art work? No Zen master calligrapher ever wielded a more spontaneous brush, I tell you~!


it doesn’t end here.

Not yet.

Seeing that this is a WPC thing and some folks aren’t aware of the essence of polarisation and stuff, herewith be two snaps of that very same lid. Both taken with the same polarising filter on the lens, one showing the effect when blocking glare—

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.22.31

—the other when simply perched there and set to do nothing. Amazing what a wee tweak (ninety degrees) can do, and well worth the effort sometimes—

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.22.53

So isn’t that just so … ephemeral?

Glare today and gone tomorrow~?



* If they ever find her again.


3 thoughts on “WPC: FMeral

  1. Incidentally — that snap of the SS team isn’t one of mine, I merely shot a poster (huge!) stuck on the side of a building in Invercargill. Pity, I think I’d have enjoyed taking it … 🙂

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