WPC: Early Bird

Okayyyyy … maybe I am being a bit literal in my interpretation of the Weekly Photo Challenge (or should that be ‘liberal’)?

Dammit:  I hate getting up early~!

So, here be yer shots, taken by moi this a.m. in the full light of day—after a hearty breakfast, several coffees, a goodly drive into town and an invigorating (boom boom!) coffee-to-die-for at GB’s.


the early bird.

This bugger. (No, you’ll have to look more closely than that …)

Monarch of all he surveys (which in this instance was me, armed with a camera, sneaking along the fence-line with strung nerves twanging) (I know what happens when you get too close to seagulls)—

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 20.07.41—and of course in the course of getting close enough I got too close—

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 20.09.42—and the irate screech set every nerve I have jangling. His timing was superlative (bastard!) and even my teeth rattled.

You can go off gulls.

Next time I’ll get up early and do the dam’ Challenge properly … if I can find the alarm clock.

Don’t wait up.


Nil Desperattum



5 thoughts on “WPC: Early Bird

  1. So how much of the jangled nerves came from the seagull and how much came from those numerous cups of coffee? 🙂 I like the gull photo, BTW. I can hear his screech. –Curt

    1. You may have my share of that screech (maybe I could sell it to NASA as a substitute for rocket noises in their training programmes).

      It took a couple more coffees to settle my nerves afterwards, I tell you~! Glad you like it … brrrr, rotten bird …

  2. The gall of that gull! Good shot too, mid-screech. I haven’t quite got around to the challenge yet, although I do have a shot that I snapped last Friday just before the challenge theme was divulged, funny how that happens fairly frequently it seems. Maybe I’ll post it…

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