Déja Vu


means to have seen before. How nice.


I don’t know the words used for seeing what isn’t there. Sometimes it was there before but time, as they say, moves on. So here’s a nice snap taken sometime early last century or late in the one previous—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.24.31

—which I uplifted form an informative sign posted by the local Council (in the course of my explorations I’d entered into the ancient site of the Waihopai/Invercargill wharfs area). It’s sobering to note that those cheery souls admiring the the docking are now as deceased as the jetty that ship is about to park at, which now looks like this—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.25.06

—all due to the forces of Nature. The jetty was built by convict labour at a time (brief) when Southland went through a period (brief) of great prosperity based apparently on a gold rush (brief). Merchants thrived (briefly) as they tend to do in gold rushes or wars but it wasn’t to last—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.21.47

—not many rockets go up and down and back up and down again but somehow Invercargill manages it. The next great prosperous wave was on the back of the sheep. But sheeps are off, Luv, and now the cow is taking centre stage down here as farms frantically convert from woollies to milkers.


of researching this scholarly article for you I strolled out on a still accessible “what’s left of the wharf” and accessed this snap. Possibly not evident here is one of those faces that people sometimes see in ship’s wakes ofr burning buildings. It calls for a bit of mental relaxation but you may just see it, with effort (Clue: tip your head over to the right)

face 1


face 2—and in case you missed it, here it be again only this time slightly more distinctive by virtue of isolating and flipping—he (she, it …) looks a grumpy old soul but I put that down to the forces of nature still hard at work. (Let me tell you, those clouds were coming and going, just an hour or two later the day really turned to cactus~!)


our lady MPHIX, whose eagle eyes first drew to my attention the possibilities in flipping and thereby opening new perspectives, I offer a snippet from the F of N shot I posted elsewhere recently.

The gods, it seems, fill this mundane world with unseen imagery—hence the fortunes to be made in all ages, climes and times by the astute people who can read the minds and intentions of said gods and interpret the symbolism and meanings for We, the Hoi Polloi; and my utmost admiration goes for creators of the world’s great religions—fortunes based on faith, it don’t come no better than that.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.14.35Anyway, my thanks to an agile mind that showed me how to flip like this—it’s amazing how two wee black swans (“No such animal!” roared the Scientific Establishment*) can be flipped into two black beasts.

Symbolism gets no better than this—even if you do go blind after just a few flips, or have to wander out for a coffee. Eyeball agility comes at a price to the old and doddering, better to use eyePhoto instead …

As I’m doing right after this post—the Forces of Nature drive even me, and coffee is natural …



* Royal Society, I think (can’t be bothered looking it up. It was some great bunch of Scientific Genius Experts) …

10 thoughts on “Déja Vu

  1. Trying this theme: it gives small images to look at but if you click them the bigger ones open into full size. (Just use your wee ‘go back’ arrow to go back to the main post—or whatever other magic is available these days).

    1. All credit and many thanks to MPHIX who first revealed it.
      I love twistedg reality and adore fresh perspectives (and ‘black swans’~!) 🙂

    1. Thanks Curt — that hadn’t occurred to me (B&W) , but I’ll try it and see how it goes … 🙂

    2. I tried it—but couldn’t achieve the desired effect. Bummer~! Thanks again, for opening my eyes to possibilities 🙂

  2. You’re welcome Argie for that mental worm. Once spotted it becomes very hard not to see such things, for me at least. It’s a good thing I got used to seeing all those realistic faces looking back at me from all corners of my world no matter where I went or what I was looking at. I found drawing them, sorry, tracing them helped with not giving myself the heebie-jeebies. But I love all that kind of stuff really, reminds me that there is much more to life than meets the eye. Black horned beasts, or alien fighter-jets streaking across the sky. Take your pick. 🙂

    1. Once as a ten-year-old I terrified myself and two mates. It was later than dusk, we were on our way home and atop a small hillock on a building site was a sign, in silhouette against the residual lightness from the recently set sun.

      We were scaring each other by seeing ‘faces’ in different things. But suddenly and completely unrelated to anything we’d said or done—hell, we were all looking the other way—I noticed a movement, and saw emerging from behind that sign a completely featureless all-black humanoid form that swayed as it grew larger.
      This time I went beyond delighted-scared yells straight into a genuine scream that had the three of us airborne at top speed within milliseconds. They told me afterwards that neither of them had seen it—my own terror was sufficient.

      To this day I’ve never been able to explain it—I saw it, it was real. (And we can discount all the obviouses like lurkers and people climbing up behind the sign etc—it wasn’t that dark, dammit.)

      Brrrrrr …

      1. Yes, I too have such spine chilling tales. Suffice to say that these days I’m a lot more accepting of such presences. They’re usually seeking attention, and many times have I had strong words with such types with regards to going about their business in slightly more tactful ways. Hell, just speak to me, that would be preferable. That one I’m used to. Also, choose a better time of day, that would reduce the risk of surprise somewhat. I’m not sure the time of day is important, I think that’s the stuff of folk yarns and myth. If you’re open to such goings on then all times of day are salient. They seem to get me in the shower especially, much to my embarrassment at times. It might sound as if I’m stark raving mad, except for the fact that I know these entities are quite real due to the oodles of evidence I’ve complied through research. One of my faves was/is a young chap called Julius who was very chatty and told me lots of things I could then go and look up. Imagine my surprise when I actually found him! That bit still thrills me, and equally spooks me. All good fun. 😉

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