Argie’s First Law Of Locodynamics:




hence clever people invented Time. Without ‘Time’  separating us we’d be cluttered together, for all I know squelched down into a space so small it just doesn’t exist; so much so that eventually something has to give and we all burst out … never mind. Let’s get on with it—


is a tiny town in New Zealand’s deep south. About a hundred-ish years ago some genius with a magic box set his apparatus up in the main street and using more skill, time, and effort than called for these days created an image. This bugger—


Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 22.35.42.

Now flash forward to the present day and me with a burning desire to stand more or less where he stood and capture the same with changes.

Did too, but not quite. Possibly something to do with lenses and the types of technical stuff he’d have been expert with whereas I just delegate it all to the camera. My part in being a photographer is simply to hold the wee box gizmo and press the button—hell, these days I don’t even have to wind on the film, or take it to the chemist for processing.

That earlier guy, poor soul, would have humped a great heavy camera on a massive tripod and such plates as he could carry; he’d have to guess the exposure, time it either on a (rare) watch or by counting. And that was the easy part—at home or the workshop later he’d have been closeted away with oodles of chemicals and a bad temper.


Here’s that same Winton as captured by moi. Okay, I’m just the dummy that found the position and held the camera—and took oodles of shots until I got one that was effectively traffic-free—


Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 22.35.18

—make of it what you will. For myself I love ‘then and now’ shots as a vehicle for thoughts on time and space. Yuk.

Ouspensky said that “A man can go mad from one ashtray“. I say likewise from just one thought … but always the icky glue holding everything together (whilst separating it) is Time.

And as much as I’m enjoying scribing this this, my next few minutes will be spent running around in the shower—The Spouse just called through, it’s ready, and the ice is ratting the windows outside right now. Hail. (So if you were to back in time, even one second, outside, during a rainstorm or hailstorm—how long do you think you’d live?)


go back up and read Argie’s loco First Law again. Good luck~!



* Maybe we have made progress. A bit … at least these days we let the ‘fairer sex’ run round killing everyone too. That’s progress.



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