WPC: Out Of Season

What can be more out-of-season (and forlorn~!) than a kiddies’ playground in midwinter?

Don’t let the brightness of the day fool you—them kids ain’t dumb (just guys with cameras and no mittens)—


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 6.53.19

—after which I happened again over the ‘swing for kids in wheelchairs‘.

Can’t remember if I’d posted a shot of it in the past but certainly it’s waaaaay out of season right now. (I was the only moving soul in the playground until some dude hurried through with a wee woofer, both probably with their mind on other things.) Here’s your unseasonal swing—


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 6.52.52



below (I finally found it! Yay!) a snap of the print (old shoebox, in the garage) of my beloved Spouse, taken at Slain’s Castle in Scotland. According to the locals Dracula stayed there once, or something. It would have been just a brief stay I imagine—a bit chilly in winter, with no roof.

We enjoyed prowling through though.

Not overly castle-like — to my mind castles should be made of stone rather than bricks, have a nice moat, arrow-slits, and have a frilly edge along the top.


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.11.56




Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.43.21Here’s an image (sadly not one of mine) of Slain’s Castle that I pulled off the web. Wiki and Google carry between them oodles of info and snaps, and an excellent wee you-tube or two that take you right through the place. It’s fascinating to retrace (via the Tube) steps you actually took decades ago, and see that others take the same snaps of the same things that you found interesting yourself.

Dammit … there’s many hundreds of prints out there in the garage, and slides too; so maybe one day—but the season had better be warmer~!



Anyway … fascinating as they may be, castles are mostly out-of-season these days. Challenge met?





9 thoughts on “WPC: Out Of Season

  1. One day you’ll post a selfie Argie…;)
    It’s nice to see your beloved Spouse though. You know that first shot of the playpark through the circular structure is lovely. Very nice composition Sir!
    Friday is almost upon us again, seems a bit moot to post for last week’s challenge now. I’ll wait.

    1. Now all I gotta do is hope that she never gets to see this post — or I, too, am history (complete with lumps) (she’s a feisty wee thing).

      That circle thingy—to be honest I’m not sure what they’re meant to do with it, squash infants through, maybe? (Size gauge? “If your kid fits through here” …)

  2. I’ve never seen a swing for kids in wheelchairs. That’s a great idea, though. I love how your wife looks as though she’s on reconnaissance against the castle. The two of you didn’t try to take it over, did you?

    1. We didn’t have a stake in the idea, but in retrospect we might have been able to claim squatter’s rights. Sadly we were right out of garlic

      Dammit: I am getting slow in my dotage … that out of season idea is brilliant~!

  3. Scotland has many picturesque old castles, some of which my ancient relatives occupied. A favorite castle of mine, sits not edge of Loch ness. You can peer out its one remaining window and look for Nessie.

    1. I’d always wanted to one day dive in Loch Ness, but we never made it further than Inverrness and got horribly lost in fog on the way home.

      One of our very favourite movies is Disney’s “Brave” — the attention to detail is stunning—and Billy Connolly on hand does it no harm either. 🙂

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