and feathered features



the very definitive all-singing all-dancing symbol to meet this week’s photo challenge I trotted through the park and came upon a scene of icy desolation. Disconsolate ducks standing about on their pond. A bent beak or two indicated that some had tried their luck where they shouldn’t have, gaps indicated where people had been tossing them bready bits and ducky activities (okay, scrapping over scraps) had opened some water.


some young guys were noisily busting the ice and smashing the sheets they pulled out—win/win, all the fun of breaking glass but no harm done. I carried on and left them with it.

I didn’t find the symbol I was after but did get these shots—

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 20.46.34

—which may be just a bit deceptive to the eye of someone who doesn’t know ducks all that well. So try again, second verse same as the first only different—

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 23.41.58


—make of ’em what you may. As for my original target, that ‘symbol’?

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.41.22 I didn’t find it … but here’s a symbolic universal for you, courtesy of (I think) Wikipedia—

Meanwhile I’ll just carry on growling and prowling the throbbing metropolis that is Invercargill on a frosty morning. Surely some bugger here has a symbol that won’t have been done to death by the early birds (there, a verbal symbol for you. I knew I could do it—boom boom!)





2 thoughts on “COLD TRICKS

  1. Don’t forget: if you click on an image here it will open into a bigger version of itself. You can click back again afterwards …

  2. Deceptively deceptive shots, my dear Argie. I like them a lot! Where there is meaning there is semiosis and all that. And those ducks peaking into the ice sans noodles and plum sauce surely do conjure up a whole layered cake load of meanings as they feature and strut frequently across your virtual pages. Always manages to raise a broad smile from me, at the very least.

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