WPC Symbol

my humble and most grovelling




because what you are about to receive/perceive (whatever) isn’t mine. It’s something I uplifted from the web (good ol’ Google~!).


Doc Moron, smokes


So in the current political climes I leave it to you to make of it what you will. Any further commentary from me would be superfluous and/or redundant.

But it could well serve in the office of symbolising an earlier age … which raises the nagging doubt:

what will future ages use to symbolise us?

Ooops … frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a BR’s A. I just regret that I can’t post the above on the WPC. Bummer …





7 thoughts on “WPC Symbol

  1. Interesting thought: if you polled 199,000 garage mechanics on their choice of engine oil, and five responded, and three of those used ‘Gloppo’ … would it be legitimate to claim that most mechanics prefer Gloppo?

    Don’ ask me, I’m just a dum dawg …

    1. Silly female girl person—you don’t eat camels, you inhale them (yuk).

      (Oh, I don’t know though—I imagine that in London there’d be rich pickings for the camel-burger trade …)

    1. If a statistician lies down with his head in the oven and feet in the freezer … on average he’s comfortable?

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