WPC: half and half

Sometimes the challenge is as much to make sense of the offerings as it is to make an offering for the making sense of, or something …


itself. New Zealanders fall over themselves trying to prove how very with it we are (yes, we). We are the nicest most politically correct modest independent sheep-minded souls on the planet. Just ask any one of us, we never brag so modesty too is a virtue we treasure—and when told to be nice, we are pretty bloody nice and you can’t deny it. Not twice.


Bimbling along the street I happened across this modern-artish arrangement—

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 23.34.53

—which is half charity and half grumbling compliance. When ‘they’ brought into law that everyone need look after our ‘mobility challenged’ folks (in wheelchairs and similar) by making access easier for them many good citizens fell over backwards to comply—even if it meant convolution in thought and deed.

I stood in blissful meditation for an age pondering the genius that had gone into so ingenious a solution—the challenged can wheel (or these days, drive their wheelchairs) up there, sure enough—yet at no point has the proprietor intruded onto the sidewalk. Compliance without running afoul, win-win all around.

Sadly I knew that I could wait there all day, or all week, or even perhaps a month without ever being privileged to watch a wheelie performing those hairpin turns … and I’m not the sort of guy to be amused at some unhappy chappie in a non-motorised wheelchair trying to do it all by hand. I moved on …

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 23.35.59

… to where I came across a wee canal. So peacefully perfect it just begged a brick in the middle of a photo. No bricks handy and unable to bring myself to use that bottle, I scored the shot anyway. Twice, but this one without the polarising filter was the better. Half land, half water. Sort of.


Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 23.33.11I moved on, exploring the untrodden wastes of Invercargill’s South City—a bit scruffy in places but where salt of the Earth cheery people will happily swipe your hubcaps.

But all is not lost, SC is dominated by yet another House of the Lord, this time in the form of St Mary’s Basilisk (eh, wot? You talking to me, Ed? Speak up, dammit … oh …) St Mary’s Basilica.

It’s a magnificent wee thing with oodles of brickwork—much like the opposition’s bricky edifice across the Otepuni (got over a million bricks in it, that one. The Catholics can’t really compete in bricks) only a bit more surrounded by bricky outbuildings.

The crowning glory of St Mary’s though is the Dome—copper like you wouldn’t believe (now we know where all the Peter’s Pence went, perhaps). Anyway, I got oodles of snaps but only this one meets The Challenge.

As I was shooting the shot I found myself looking askance and judgementally at various alignments—something didn’t seem quite right about the positioning of the wee cross. In the end I concluded that God hadn’t struck it with a bolt of lightning so He must be satisfied—and who would I be to arrogantly criticise his holy QA teams?

AND NOW TO bed, The Spouse wants me to take her to town tomorrow and I’ll get another chance to meet the challenge. And I’ll try using Raw, boom boom~!






2 thoughts on “WPC: half and half

  1. I love the tour and especially the photos. The brick shot especially pleases my eyes. By the way, I asked my American dictionary to tell me how one goes about bimbling, and it had a breakdown. Of course, it’s now one of my favorite words. And you sure they’re okay with your weeing in that canal? It looks so clean.

  2. Don’t let looks fool you … the ducks don’t swim it, they walk (it must be all the oui oui).

    I heard somewhere that the Brits are the only people who ramble. It’s true, too, everyone else seems to take hiking sports seriously—the ol’ Brit just enjoys.

    Well, bimble is ramble, but a lot less serious (if possible). A bimbler is the one with his head down studying the grasses underfoot as he passes through the park—or if sent to the corner-shop for a packet of tea for afternoon elevenses comes back around sunset with cold chips and a full camera. (I have a third dan black belt in bimbling and am working on my doctorate …)

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