WPC: half and half



(which is what you get if just one twin takes the selfies).


Demi Ducks thumband I’m still trying to work my camera/computer/software and every other which modern gadget—it looks as if Raw is going to be a foreign country with closed borders, so I’ll carry on with Jpg and damn the torpedoes. Stupid animals …

Speaking of which, here’s ya first, a pair of innocents quietly counting down the days now to the end of Open Season. OS as always started with a bang and a roar and quickly petered out when the machos realised OS also usually means (a) cold, and (b) wet. Hell, lying in bed that predawn (not allowed to shoot until daylight—for obvious reasons, yet every bugger wants to be the first, so …) listening to what sounded like the opening chorus to any of the Battles of the Somme I just hoped there’d be ducks enough left to photograph. These two were hiding out in a wee stream in the heart of town, possibly grateful that there don’t seem to be many ‘silenced’ shotguns about. Yet.

YOU HAVEN’T LIVEDScreen Shot 2015-07-22 at 20.11.36

until you take a fuzzy shot. Not at ducks, dammit—at the church. Atheist as I may be I still admire a nice building and St Mary’s is a nice building. Apparently home to several hundred thousand dollars worth (I remember larger figures quoted but can’t remember how larger) of pipe organ—I must pop in sometime during a recital and have a wee listen. If I sneak in and leave a tip in the ‘Replenish the gold reliquaries in the Vatican‘ fund I’m sure the Pope will turn a blind eye.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 20.37.01AND ON A SUDDEN, LO~!

Right when I was thinking on this very theme a vision in statuary rose before my eyes (okay, I had to wriggle between parked cars and even then didn’t get quite what I wanted) … but first, many years ago I was friends with a Charismatic Christian (spoke to God in His own language, he did) who sported an “empty cross” badge. He explained the symbolism of the Empty Cross but my heart wasn’t in being earnest, I cracked up—I could see symbolisms he couldn’t, I guess.

He was an intelligent man but refused to countenance that behind ever church (hell: and mosque, and synagogue, and temple, etc ad nauseam) there lies a greedy groping grasping money-harvesting machine. We call them ‘banks’ and very handy they are too. For some.

And then:  REVELATION~!

My very thoughts made manifest—proof that God exists and I’ve been wrong all these decades. No? After all, nary a sparrow falls in any jungle on any planet of any star anywhere in the universe (time and space, a continuum don’t forget) (a wee bit important) without that (a) He knows it, and (b) He set it up to happen, even before the Creation. Ergo God set it up that I would get this shot of the bank lying concealed behind the aptly-named ’empty cross’. I have a holy mission, then … always pleased to be helpful.

And now, as Merida says in the Disney movie Brave— “I await your declarations of war in the morning”.

Here, have another nice duck—for getting this far, you deserve it—

Demi ducks big
















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