WPC: Inspiration

A challenging challenge, when



so herewith a few (scenarios) that I find inspiring. And of course, the blurble that goes with them—how else could anyone relate to a piece of twisted card, or something that looks like a schlogg of old sheep fur on a fence?

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 17.14.51

Nature inspires me. People inspire me. And when sheep (part of nature) rub their itchy fleeces against a wire fence in search of a good scratch, and leave the evidence, I relate. (On occasion I’ve used a Chinese bamboo back scratcher to reach the itchy bits that otherwise I can’t … so relate all the more to the poor sheep doing the best she can with what’s to hand. To foot. To paw, to hoof, or whatever it is sheep have.)

So on the subject of natural inspiration, even the behaviours of the bird-brained can inspire one to dwell on the hidden depths of life. I developed a healthy respect for magpies in the past, but this being not yet the season for nesting and territorial prerogatives I felt free to bimble along the road by the field wherein five pairs of beady eyes were watching me. And then it happened—


—this is the sole survivor of the five birds. Even he didn’t last long. Now, given that I took this shot over a loooooong range (wondrous zoom on the camera I was using) there was no way (r) NO way he could see me as any manner of threat. This is important—even at my fittest as a youth I couldn’t have thrown a stone that far.

Each time as I’d drawn within camera (but not threat) range of each bird in turn whilst quietly hoofing along they’d seemed unaware of my existence—yet three times out of five the target bird took off just as I was about to trigger my shot. Camera leisurely raised, sighted, target acquired and just about to shoot … poof~! Gone.

The fourth took off when I was actually thinking about doing so but hadn’t yet started; and number five (this guy, above) lifted off so soon after I’d taken this shot I thought I’d get just a blur of wings. Their actions inspire me to ponder—are magpies telepathic? It was spooky … (it was also bloody annoying).


later I once more passed the whimsical figure I call ‘The Watcher’ (he watches everything but is very discreet, never says a word, good or bad). I did take a snap but this one from my archives shows him a bit better. Since then he’s grown moss and now looks quite distinguished …

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 17.41.32

Like many an observer he blends quietly into the background and people tend to forget he’s there. I like that, loud and obnoxious people can be vexations to the spirit, to be avoided; but The Watcher here … I can live with. An inspiration to us all, if we’d only take the hint.


too. What’s impossible? Perhaps a square circle? An honest politician? How about a genuine actual physical strip with only one side and only one edge?

If shown one, would you be inspired to think of others—

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 17.36.41—or at least inspired enough to make one for yourself? Here you have it, then, infinity made manifest—a beetle walking along one the edge would find himself hiking sometimes upside-down, forever and ever in a world without end, amen. (I also spent hours watching ‘lava’ lamps blooping away, or fibre-optic strands changing colours …) A good anything can be inspiring, especially if a novelty. Make one for your kids, give it your own back story—you might even win a few bets (I won oodles of drinks when younger with an antigravity machine).


I am. Not by loud-mouths, politicians, Seventh Day Witlesses or street corner preachers … but by ordinary folks quietly going about their lawful occasions and doing a damn’ fine job of it—

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 16.53.13

—and once again the super-zoom gets me in close enough to capture human nature without intruding. (If you click on this shot (or any, actually) it should blow up into decent size for viewing—browser’s return button will get you back.) With this snap it’s worth the trip—a quiet Sunday soccer game out at Moores Reserve. I was hoofing by a respectable distance away but had to stop and shoot.

You’ll have to write your own stories to suit the characters but it was a lovely villagey sort of scene; the type I personally find very satisfying … and inspiring.




6 thoughts on “WPC: Inspiration

    1. It happens to all. Perhaps, as you say, not a bad thing. (Sometimes I hope Nature is into recycling—other times I think : “Eek! No way!”)

  1. Challenge well met, dearest Argie. I’ve missed the last two now as I’ve been otherwise preoccupied with flying visits to the big smoke and ifficialdom. Suffice to say I have finally been granted my US visa, after a year of waiting. Now comes the really tough part.
    As for things that inspire me, you are certainly one of them. Always a smile tucked away to brighten my day! 🙂

    1. I did wonder, it seems awesome quiet in the MPHIX region—but Bill is doing a sterling job keeping the sea-lanes open 🙂

    2. Me, an inspiration? Eek~! More like an animated object lesson in own-tail-biting~!

      (I think it was me they had in mind when they first coined the words “Men will follow this guy, but only out of a dread sense of morbid curiosity” …)

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