WPC: Under your feet


as in



Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.13.17


an underfoot revealed. I can’t even begin to think how many times my own feet have ambled, strolled, walked, or on occasion galloped across this lot—with nary a thought to what lies below. At times I pondered the wisdom of using expensive bricks in artistic patterns for pavements; but should you ever live here you’d pretty soon understand. The Council Committee that chose chose well—the footpaths and byways down here are forever being dug up, rearranged or otherwise updatingly ‘put right’; so of course there’s now no horrible eyesore ‘patches’. (And quite possibly the next time I pass this way it could look as if nothing has happened—Hades is in His underworld and all is sweet with the universe. Then again, the very next day some other Council department may well be along with their own shovels and agendas.)


underfoot is the concept of overhead. So? So I once read a short story (Azimov, I think) to the effect that some astronauts on the moon were so thoroughly fed up with—every time they ordered something from Earth—stuff arriving in cartons with voluminous instructions written in an apparently foreign language: “To begin assembly, first lay out all the parts and check against list … etc etc” so they radioed Earth and asked if a robotic assembler could be designed, built, and sent up to them.

Well, it was a several month wait but eventually a large package arrived. It was their much anticipated robot … so they tore off the wrappers, and there before their eyes was a voluminous instruction book written in an apparently foreign language: “To begin assembly, first lay out all the parts and check against list …”


So—first, be advised that I’m currently fighting the worst ‘flu I’ve ever had (and this ol’ dog has had some beauts, I tell you~!).


So my internet service supplier recently (at short notice) went belly up.

So I promptly changed over to one ‘Spark’ (which used to be called Telecom—they changed their image, to one of modern youthful vitality and with-it-ness … and some executive doubtlessly got a huge bonus for the spark of genius).

The service I had before was beamed into my home from radio towers in the hills and although slow and given to ‘rain fade’ it worked.

The new all-singing all-dancing Spark? Beelzebub! I never expected the changeover to go sweetly or smooth—things like that just don’t happen in real life.

I should have guessed when I opened the package containing my lovely new modem (these days called a Gateway? I never knew …). Sure, they have a 24/7 Helpline. Of course I tried it … amazing how many robotic voices giving infinite robotic instructions can lead one tortuously to a very final “… all of our agents are busy right now but please hold the line and one will with be with you in … seven … minutes” which after the four hundredth time you hear it gives excellent grounds for divorce.

I should have guessed from the moment I opened the box and saw the surprisingly brief instructions: “To begin assembly, first lay out all the parts and check against list …”


And now I’m stuck honking and barking like a lovesick seal, with a computer that is dazzlingly fast with broadband but which I cannot use for emails. I’d phone for help but my landline phone isn’t working although the internet is—and as far as I know they both use the same underfoot cable(s)?

I think it’s entirely possible that I may have outlived my time:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 14.42.29

but worry not, I’m still trying make sense of “set up the SSL to the SSB, use the WAN (if already in use the LAN, MAN, or DAN will serve). POP 3 with an HTML, IMOP or IMAP”

Ye gods, kindergarten kids are doing this stuff as if to the manner born?


for you— a Challenge of my own, make of it what you will. Here be a snap—

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 16.53.43

—and your challenge is to suggest what you think might have caused the damage to those two block walls separating the Invercargill Hospice Shop from its neighbours? The near damage has been there for some weeks, the far damage I noticed only the other day so it’s much more recent.

And now to continue getting familiar with my lovely new Gateway (and it is lovely—all black slab with just few (okay, eleven) greenish lighty things along the top).

If you do accept my above challenge, my own responses may take a wee while getting to you. Don’t wait up …





4 thoughts on “WPC: Under your feet

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery, my lovely friend. Hopefully just as speedy as your new ‘Gateway’! Who knew…?

    Was that there damage caused by a drunk Southland Battle Maiden on the rampage, I wonder, or some youth in a stolen vehicle perhaps? Maybe even earthquake damage?
    The buildings in the town I grew up in in southern Spain all bear battle scars from having been caught up in the throes of tectonic warfare, with tremors occurring with fair frequency. I have experienced a few myself while on visits there. Like thunder that makes the ground shake.

    1. Thank you for kind thoughts.

      A good guess given the fact that (with great wisdom) the City Fathers here too often ignorantly refer to their Invercargill as “earthquake prone” … (hardly, but when seeking the tourist dollar it seems to make sense to publicise it as such. Incorrectly, I might add.) but no, not unless it was two purely localised quakes.

      No obvious impacts, so damage from vehicular collision seems unlikely.
      I suspect vandals, but someone with a grudge against a charity shop? One that’s doing sterling work for a good cause (got some lovely stuff there at giveaway prices).
      Unless there’s a teen karate school around here that I don’t know about, and young eager beavers are doing their homework on the way back to their houses …

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