For this ‘nother test.


I’m trying to get some decent-sized photos in my posts. It used to be that I could drop a photo in when writing the post, and when published (in this theme) (‘Independent Publisher’ theme) it would be just large enough to be useful—

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.55.36.png

—but if after publishing you moused over it, the wee index would turn into a pointing hand (meaning an active link is present) and if you then clicked on it, some background magic would produce you a much larger version of the same photo. Magic.

For me it’s no longer working, and “I ain’t done nuffink, Guv~!” hence the hours I’m unhappily wasting and these all too frequent blasted ‘tests’.

So the shot I’ve just dragged and dropped in is now (preposting) actually quite large but appears in my manuscript here as smallish. If I’ve finally got it working as it used to until recently, it should now be an active link that will take you to the large size viewing.

Wish us luck …


8 thoughts on “APOLOGIES

  1. Nope~! Didn’t work … the index arrow stays an arrow and no amount of clicking will get us to the larger image.

    I think I may just check out Blogger and Weebly again …

  2. I received an answer from Support – the “New and Improved” version is more steps to get the same effect we used to get automatically.
    Now – you insert the picture, then click on it and then the Link icon and insert the url of the picture.
    I’ve tried it and it works, but I do not have the time to go back 3 years and do it for the past posts of my site…… I wonder what other new and improved versions they have in mind for us for the future?

    1. I have to go out but shall continue looking into it when home. Thanks very much for the info—I’d guessed that they’d ‘improved’ things. Such improvers should be stood against a wall and shot with a ball of their own shi- … last night I tried 21 different themes to no good effect. Tonight I’ll try your advice and see how I go … 🙂

    2. And as far as I can tell, earlier posts (pre the wonderful ‘improvements’ aren’t affected and still function as originally; so should be no need for going back beyond ‘improvement’ date. Good luck~!

    1. Thanks, Melissa.
      I may end up contacting support myself—but I’ll google it first. (Ol’ Mr Google knows the answer to everything …)

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