WPC: Now

Weekly Photo Challenge

‘NOW’ can be boring.



Not often … a genuine card-carrying idiot (first class, boom boom~!) is rarely bored. Bored is for the intelligent bright folks lacking the stimulation they desperately crave.

And now: back to moi.

Herewith (hereunder, actually, for any nit-pickers) some snaps I took on various keep-fit walks in the Winton area. Self explanatory, so I shan’t explain them. Much.

WARNING: graphic imagery follows—

temp river, now (then)

—and it does, too. In the meantime here’s yer now, as it was then, after we’d had a wee bit of rain. The farmer took it well. But then again, he’s had lots of practise. And now, another now—

fielded river, fielded

—not long after the field had dried out (KIDS: don’t try this at home …).

And now (there’s that word again) to prove it was no fluke, here’s a different now—

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 15.53.35

—showing he’s a bit low on cows but up on crop at this stage. All good clean fun provided that no-one runs with sharpened harvesters in their hand …

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 15.53.54

—and I threw this one in just to show you what a ‘now’ can look like when you let your camera fiddle about with it. SO, for all you philosophically minded good folks out there in bloggo land; what can we conclude from this wee series?

Four shots, each and all of them a very precise spot-on cross section of their very own personal current ‘now’.

  • All of them the same, only quite different.
  • All of them were in the future, once.
  • All of them were the exact present too, once.
  • All of them now are in the past.

And they ever shall be, forever and ever, amen (for any PC genderists amongst us: please feel free to delete ‘amen’ and insert ‘awomen’ as you see fit*).

I still maintain that ‘now’ doesn’t exist.

And it never did.



*  If you think this is being silly—it’s a lot less sillier than some of the stuff the Women’s Lip people kept coming out with back in the halcyon days of invading kiwi pubs waving their bras above their heads to show how equal they were. Some of them (Southland battle-maiden types) were far more equal than most males … brrrrrrr.



8 thoughts on “WPC: Now

    1. Thanks, Curt. I found the effect by accident when the camera was new and then rediscovered it, and now have great fun—all depends on how you hold the camera, even a slight movement changes the drama quite dramatically … 🙂

  1. Cool! Love series that show the enormous impact weather plays on how we view landscape. Thank you for sharing your gifts this year and best wishes for 2016. -Melissa

    1. Thank you too, for yours; and likewise for the coming year. (Now stop reading this, grab that camera, and get out there snapping~!)

  2. Lovely now-as-then shots, Argie! I hope you and your lovely spouse are enjoying the the start to the year.

    I’ve found that fiddling with the shutter speed can produce much the same results as a polarising filter when it comes to clouds. I’ll have to find the example I have in mind and post it.

    1. Yay! I was considering doing a wee post on polarising filters … might just do so with some examples; thank you for nice comments 🙂

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