yes. Possibly. In any detective mystery I always bite the red herring. No, devour would be a better way to put it, gobble even.



“Around 10.45pm, the station forecourt filled with people of an immigrant background. Women literally had to run the gauntlet through the mass of drunk men, in a way you can’t describe,” the report said.

read more:  CLICK HERE

then track back. Either I’m a sucker for a good propaganda campaign or something is definitely unright …


it has to be propaganda, no? Islamics don’t drink alcohol. They religiously abstain ‘cos their paradigm profit prophet (and God) told (commanded!) them not to.

Many women came to officers shocked and crying and reported sex assaults. Police forces were unable to respond to all the events, assaults and offences. There were just too many at the same time.”

Therefore the above source—and all the others like it, quoting their anti-Islam lies—is fabricating. But why?

Well now ...

semper vigilans

No. Yes.

No. They can’t be telling the truth, or reporting actual facts; no, we cannot entertain that notion not for one moment nohow. For shame~!

But what if …


Can’t possibly happen. All lies. As ever I’m a sucker for propaganda …





5 thoughts on “AM I A SUCKER

    1. Just boys being boys, you know, spirited youths simply out for an evening’s innocent fun.
      I’m sure Angela Muckel can explain it away—probably like I did: (a) it never happened, and (b) it’s all ‘vested interest’ propaganda anyway …

      1. I’m sure. Still, that feeling in the pit of my gut…reminds me of a few posts past of yours with regards to the fulfilling of prophecies. This will not end well.

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