Boom boom!

I’ve finally shot a New Zealand native fantail (no, wishful thinker, not a dancer—bird) with tail outspread—

—scant zilliseconds before it did what fantails do. It flitted …

But I’m happy! Rapt, in fact!


to flitter around humans. I love their company and in the darker parts of the woods/trees/forest/bush or park they come even closer. Possibly because the road less travelled has more bugs, I don’t know—but here’s one for the experts:

One hung around me for ages, and when I wouldn’t move came even closer. I could have grabbed it were I so inclined (and face it ya silly old goat, if still as fast as you used to be)(once).

He perched on a wee branch low enough to be beaking up at me and chirped and twittered. This, I could handle. But suddenly I became aware that there was a frequent vibration in my right ear, simultaneous with him silently opening and shutting his beak.


I say again that when this was happening I heard nothing (r) nothing, but felt it, only in my right ear, and only when he was beaking. All his chirpings and twitterings I did hear as normal.

And to close, one taken a dozen years ago in another place.

Enjoy …



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