Here’s how

and it’s a lot more involved than you bloody atheists might think!)—

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 17.49.04.png

Being of the admiring-of-uninhibited-enthusiam species myself, here’s my very favourite for you to look at, learn, practise between consenting adults (or in private, I shan’t tell—but God will know) or otherwise do as thou wilt:

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 17.38.04.png

I’m still a bit curious about number 2 above … are we meant to drink it? Cast it to the winds in the mad raptures of The Rapture? Throw it all over each other in ad hoc spontaneous baptisms? (Is the lady above having a baptism, or is she just pleased to see God?)

Damn. There’s never a dove in sight when you need one—

semper vigilans

“No dove, Argus … will I do?”


4 thoughts on “PRAISE THE LORD!

  1. Before you get grumpy … Cerberus above is a god too*, so he’s in the club … a bit lonely these days, so if you can spare Him a quick praise I think you’ll really make His day.

    And I’m not sure what the “Libra man” is doing there (Leo myself) so I’ll put it down to an act of God.

    * Sort of …

  2. I am curious about the How to be a devoted Christian.
    Notice how the hand hold the what I presume is bread or some sort of food is handing it down. .
    The symbolism in this gesture is worth noting.

    1. Do Christians get points for being kind to earthworms? Oops … if analysing, look at the hue of the skins … political comment therein?

      I just take these things at faith value (all thothe people are nutterh and nutcatheth).

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