have such shape, especially the ancient and some modern copies thereof?

First off:

This is just one of my favourite renderings of a number, make of it what you will. The old dog had never heard of it until he serendipitied across some Russian damsel pounding it out on a theremin (see? Even us geniuses have gaps in our education) and fell in love.

With the music.

Googling for more brought up the above link—go there at your peril. But with all the terrible videography the message (if there is one) comes across …

ye Gods.png

“And I don’t mind a bit, Argus! Well done all ’round!” 

No, I never have seen the movie and have absolutely no idea what it is about. A western, I believe …

Back to my question: music hath charms (and such shapely resonances can only strike responsive chords, no?) …


4 thoughts on “WHY DO CHURCHES

    1. A wee bit different, but nonetheless pleasant. I’m quite fortunate (God smiled upon my birth)* in that I have fairly eclectic tastes and can slip from one to the other; right after the Dire number I pulled in an Enya favourite—

      —no caring for what the words are, I just wallow in the feeling her voice generates. Boom boom~!

      * I think He has a sense of humour—or worse, a well developed ironic sense of the ridiculous. (He’ll keep!)

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