Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 09.00.07COMMON SENSE, TRADITION, AND THE COMMON


It’s all very well having ‘voice recognition’ technology that can transmute the spoken word to written writings … but wotif?

Wotif the speaker of the spoken don’t speak proper, like? So try this for size—

“Strange fogs engulfed the land, the Sun barely shown for days, even weeks at a time, and when it did it was but a feeble imitation of itself, crops died in the fields, forest growth almost came to a stop over the whole northern hemisphere, famine etc etc …”


I was brought up to understand that the English (as in English, note—not American, Kiwi, Australian or any other foreigner lingo) word for the past participle of “to shine” which although written as ‘shone’ is correctly pronounced as ‘shonn’. The sun didn’t shown—it shone, qua shonn, dammit.

That’s the second time this week already—once in conversation (a u-toobe narration) and this instance in written writing. Sadly I can’t stop the progress of destruction and so our once-common language is becoming sundered.

‘Twas ever thus …



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