I have too many blogs. So in yet another attempt to refine my approach, I’m adding one more—this beast. And pensioning off a couple of others.


The heavy stuff—the state of the world: politics, religions and similar provocative drama will continue to go into my other blog ‘Cassandric’.

Lighter comment with the odd bit of humour/satire will go into “DREAMING CAVALIER‘ wherein there are also likely to be a few sage comments. (Watch out for The Sage, he’s an alter ego—actually a deceased pirate from the sixteenth century who often has a surprisingly modern take on today’s mores (and lesses). He has a penchant for finding and shamelessly guzzling my rum while leaving me with the blame when The Spouse finds the empties. He also has a taste for coffee …)

RAGNAROK OR BUST (this blog) is named after a book I’ve recently finished after working on it for years (a Valkyrie tasked by Odin with preventing the inevitable—she has her work cut out). That blog will be anything that’s light-hearted and photographic; especially the Weekly Photo Challenges. Unless I goof you won’t find anything too serious in here.

And now that you’ve read this far a few bits actually about me; I—

  • am happily married to the lady I call ‘The Spouse’ whom I’m glad to say treats me like a dog (keeps me fed, watered, exercised, and scratches me behind the ears occasionally)
  • was born in London, England
  • now live in New Zealand, right at the bottom of the mainland bit
  • am interested in almost anything except competitive ‘sports’
  • am content these days to be the most boring old poop you’ll ever hope to avoid
  • think ‘Frozen’ and ‘Brave’ are the best animated movies of all time (closely followed by ‘Rio’)
  • welcome comment, so long as you keep it seemly


NOW GET THEE HENCE back to the blog itself, and hopefully enjoy; be warned that any post there is a rangefinder. Have fun …



8 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks you. Am currently in your ‘Hat Rack’. I like the concept and am still exploring. 🙂

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