(as is often said)Death chattering

what it seems.

And fair enough too … except:

sometimes life is too complex to allow the philosopher or scientist to intrude. Like, like, like personally just live for yourself (and try to ‘let live’).

So in everyday life:  who the hell cares if we are all mostly just empty space? Certainly I don’t—if I have an itch I scratch it, if I thirst I guzzle a cuppa. Electrons in orbit, let ’em go spin themselves …


blasted angels can dance on the head of a pin*, or if Christ was a cowboy, or if Mohammed could be done for child molestation were he but alive today? And rightly so— or can exceptions be made for some selected fifty-year-olds who cheerfully bang nine-year-old little girls and brag about it?

Don’t ask me.

Ask the religious; for many millions of souls Uncle Mo is the Grand Ultimate Paradigm. I’m just one old dawg quietly thinking that where you have a contradiction at least one of its premises is wrong.

ye Gods


“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“They won’t like it, you know.”

“They don’t have to, Sir—I’m merely scratching an itch here.”

BOOM BOOM * I believe the answer some ecumenical pondering produced (after a great deal of intercourse) was: ten thousand. (I have no idea the margin of error.)


Death chattering.gifOR FREE?

You choose … but first, a quote—

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line, black

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 21.32.52.pngline, black

The theory I hold to is that you don’t choose, no-one can ever ‘choose’, that everything that ever was/is or shall be is rigidly fixed in Time and Space.

Free Will? Of course … we all have it, no?


And ‘no’ is not the answer you were wanting, is it? You were hoping I’d somehow bolster your delusions. Sorry, not this time. Sadly this is THE toughie and almost all folks fall at the foot of it—it’s so very very counter-intuitive. But here’s a thought you might find useful and helpful:



Feel better now?

And so you should because it is wrong. False, invalid, incorrect and a bit misleading too:

There is no change.

There cannot be change,


—and now that I’ve proven myself insane you may toddle off to bed secure in the knowledge that you are indeed free to choose; if educated you may even amuse yourself to sleep by dreaming up mathematical proofs destroying my statements.

And now, clever person, here’s an oldie but goody to help you sleep—I am told it was presented to a bunch of kids in a class and everybody ‘cept one said the answer (oh, so obvious!) was …the midpoint at noon!”  Yeah, sure …

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 21.59.33.png


A monk must meditate all night alone atop a high mountain. So at sunrise he sets forth along the rough trail, sometimes picking his way most carefully between crags with precipitous falls for the unwary and sometimes clear stretches along which he can run freely—somewhere along the way he stops for a snooze, somewhere else he eats his sandwiches (saving some for the morrow).

He arrives exactly at sundown and spends a few hours meditating before falling asleep; to awaken refreshed and ready for the descent; once more leaving exactly at sunrise. Again his journey, downwards this time, is interrupted; by calls of nature, a sandwich, a wee brew break and occasional stops to admire the view. On the way down he runs, walks, stops, even takes a brief nap … and again arrives at exactly sunset. Wow!



Your question:

At some point along that trail he is in exactly the same place at exactly the same time on both days. You are invited to define that point …


it does tie in with the notion that there is no (R) NO freewill. (And be advised, I don’t like the expression ‘predetermined’) (or ‘preordained’).