Death chattering.gifOR FREE?

You choose … but first, a quote—

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The theory I hold to is that you don’t choose, no-one can ever ‘choose’, that everything that ever was/is or shall be is rigidly fixed in Time and Space.

Free Will? Of course … we all have it, no?


And ‘no’ is not the answer you were wanting, is it? You were hoping I’d somehow bolster your delusions. Sorry, not this time. Sadly this is THE toughie and almost all folks fall at the foot of it—it’s so very very counter-intuitive. But here’s a thought you might find useful and helpful:



Feel better now?

And so you should because it is wrong. False, invalid, incorrect and a bit misleading too:

There is no change.

There cannot be change,


—and now that I’ve proven myself insane you may toddle off to bed secure in the knowledge that you are indeed free to choose; if educated you may even amuse yourself to sleep by dreaming up mathematical proofs destroying my statements.

And now, clever person, here’s an oldie but goody to help you sleep—I am told it was presented to a bunch of kids in a class and everybody ‘cept one said the answer (oh, so obvious!) was …the midpoint at noon!”  Yeah, sure …

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A monk must meditate all night alone atop a high mountain. So at sunrise he sets forth along the rough trail, sometimes picking his way most carefully between crags with precipitous falls for the unwary and sometimes clear stretches along which he can run freely—somewhere along the way he stops for a snooze, somewhere else he eats his sandwiches (saving some for the morrow).

He arrives exactly at sundown and spends a few hours meditating before falling asleep; to awaken refreshed and ready for the descent; once more leaving exactly at sunrise. Again his journey, downwards this time, is interrupted; by calls of nature, a sandwich, a wee brew break and occasional stops to admire the view. On the way down he runs, walks, stops, even takes a brief nap … and again arrives at exactly sunset. Wow!



Your question:

At some point along that trail he is in exactly the same place at exactly the same time on both days. You are invited to define that point …


it does tie in with the notion that there is no (R) NO freewill. (And be advised, I don’t like the expression ‘predetermined’) (or ‘preordained’).




dodonever had pups or otherwise reproduced, I simply shrugged. Shrug. Will shrug. Think of the oriental concept of satori — how can one who’s been there explain it? Easier to explain sight to a man blind from before birth.

But often we stumble over helpfuls when researching something else—

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 09.34.56.png

—and this verse had completely slipped my memory. But it explains nicely why I have never reproduced.

Make of it wot thou wilt …

dodododo                                                              dodo




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Snippets from comments from down here

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So Jesus led him forth*  out of the woods and into the clear light of day … and the skies were filled with singing doves, the Heavens opened, clouds of angels burst forth into song and all was peace, goodness and sweetness and light.

Nice work if you can get it … but Who (may we ask) knew even before The Creation what was going to happen to that innocent infant, and did nothing to prevent it?


“Blast! There went my dinner~!”


* Well … meant to be fourth, but he tripped and came fifth …



have such shape, especially the ancient and some modern copies thereof?

First off:

This is just one of my favourite renderings of a number, make of it what you will. The old dog had never heard of it until he serendipitied across some Russian damsel pounding it out on a theremin (see? Even us geniuses have gaps in our education) and fell in love.

With the music.

Googling for more brought up the above link—go there at your peril. But with all the terrible videography the message (if there is one) comes across …

ye Gods.png

“And I don’t mind a bit, Argus! Well done all ’round!” 

No, I never have seen the movie and have absolutely no idea what it is about. A western, I believe …

Back to my question: music hath charms (and such shapely resonances can only strike responsive chords, no?) …




Here’s how

and it’s a lot more involved than you bloody atheists might think!)—

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 17.49.04.png

Being of the admiring-of-uninhibited-enthusiam species myself, here’s my very favourite for you to look at, learn, practise between consenting adults (or in private, I shan’t tell—but God will know) or otherwise do as thou wilt:

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 17.38.04.png

I’m still a bit curious about number 2 above … are we meant to drink it? Cast it to the winds in the mad raptures of The Rapture? Throw it all over each other in ad hoc spontaneous baptisms? (Is the lady above having a baptism, or is she just pleased to see God?)

Damn. There’s never a dove in sight when you need one—

semper vigilans

“No dove, Argus … will I do?”


Déja Vu


means to have seen before. How nice.


I don’t know the words used for seeing what isn’t there. Sometimes it was there before but time, as they say, moves on. So here’s a nice snap taken sometime early last century or late in the one previous—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.24.31

—which I uplifted form an informative sign posted by the local Council (in the course of my explorations I’d entered into the ancient site of the Waihopai/Invercargill wharfs area). It’s sobering to note that those cheery souls admiring the the docking are now as deceased as the jetty that ship is about to park at, which now looks like this—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.25.06

—all due to the forces of Nature. The jetty was built by convict labour at a time (brief) when Southland went through a period (brief) of great prosperity based apparently on a gold rush (brief). Merchants thrived (briefly) as they tend to do in gold rushes or wars but it wasn’t to last—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.21.47

—not many rockets go up and down and back up and down again but somehow Invercargill manages it. The next great prosperous wave was on the back of the sheep. But sheeps are off, Luv, and now the cow is taking centre stage down here as farms frantically convert from woollies to milkers.


of researching this scholarly article for you I strolled out on a still accessible “what’s left of the wharf” and accessed this snap. Possibly not evident here is one of those faces that people sometimes see in ship’s wakes ofr burning buildings. It calls for a bit of mental relaxation but you may just see it, with effort (Clue: tip your head over to the right)

face 1


face 2—and in case you missed it, here it be again only this time slightly more distinctive by virtue of isolating and flipping—he (she, it …) looks a grumpy old soul but I put that down to the forces of nature still hard at work. (Let me tell you, those clouds were coming and going, just an hour or two later the day really turned to cactus~!)


our lady MPHIX, whose eagle eyes first drew to my attention the possibilities in flipping and thereby opening new perspectives, I offer a snippet from the F of N shot I posted elsewhere recently.

The gods, it seems, fill this mundane world with unseen imagery—hence the fortunes to be made in all ages, climes and times by the astute people who can read the minds and intentions of said gods and interpret the symbolism and meanings for We, the Hoi Polloi; and my utmost admiration goes for creators of the world’s great religions—fortunes based on faith, it don’t come no better than that.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.14.35Anyway, my thanks to an agile mind that showed me how to flip like this—it’s amazing how two wee black swans (“No such animal!” roared the Scientific Establishment*) can be flipped into two black beasts.

Symbolism gets no better than this—even if you do go blind after just a few flips, or have to wander out for a coffee. Eyeball agility comes at a price to the old and doddering, better to use eyePhoto instead …

As I’m doing right after this post—the Forces of Nature drive even me, and coffee is natural …



* Royal Society, I think (can’t be bothered looking it up. It was some great bunch of Scientific Genius Experts) …



I promised to expand on what I saw in the heart of town and didn’t really believe. To set the scene, I was bimbling along the banks of the wee creek (Otepuni) (this shot) —

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 19.38.47

—and if you look into the distance: just this side of that wee road bridge … terrain very similar to this shot of Mummy Duck and her out-of-season baby ducklet—

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 19.47.36—you’ll notice a fair flow to the very shallow water. What looks like bottom there is actually a weedy growth, streamlined by the current and some inches thick.


few ducks under that distant road bridge and ever the optimists they came out as I approached—they had to spend quite a bit of effort paddling against the flow.

Then I noticed what can only be described as a strong surge along the bottom, going against the current (important, please note) and creating waves out of all proportion to those of the ducks.


anything of it. Noticed, and noted, and now back to my ducks … but it happened again, further upstream. A quick analysis along the lines of rocky outcrops on the bottom, or similar~?

No. You’d get standing waves and in the same place; not moving surges. Bugger … and when it happened a third time, even further upstream, I noticed that there was a considerable amount of power being used down there. Power? In water about a foot (two at the very most) deep?


a superstitious dread complete with rising hackles? Me neither, not until then. Finally it occurred to me to fish camera out of bag, arm same, and aim. But it didn’t happen again (for which I’m actually grateful).

I left the ducks to it although I did watch their progress battling the current upstream, wondering if perhaps there’s a taniwha* down there, or maybe a (rather larger than I’d ever like to see) big eel.

Could we have our very own Invercargill Ness Monster?

Naaaaahhhhhhhh …


Nil Desperandum

*  Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 20.12.12